Corvallis Police Log: Feb. 14-17

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Feb. 14

Criminal Trespass 2/Disorderly Conduct 2

An officer was dispatched to The Green Room marijuana dispensary in central Corvallis for a report of harassment. A female had reported that a male had been coming to the store the past several days after being told not to come back. The female also stated that the male told her that he was going to kill her.

Upon investigation, the male was arrested for Disorderly Conduct 2 and Criminal Trespass 2 and transported to the Benton County Jail. He was released later in the day.

DUII – BAC Test Refused

An officer was on patrol in downtown Corvallis when he noticed a white pickup truck pull out of the parking lot of the McDonald’s on NW Third Street and pulling out onto NW Van Buren Avenue.

As the truck pulled onto the roadway, the officer noticed the traffic light controlling eastbound traffic on the road turn yellow. Instead of stopping for the light, the truck accelerated quickly enough that the engine revved loudly and it quickly sped through the yellow light which appeared to turn red while the truck was still in the intersection.

The officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver exhibited signs of impairment and consented to a standard field sobriety test. The tests showed a number of clues of impairment and the driver was arrested for a DUII.

The driver refused a breath test and ultimately a telephonic search warrant was granted for a blood draw. After getting his blood drawn at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, the driver was taken to The Benton County Jail and released to the jail staff.

Feb. 15

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer was dispatched to the Havana Club in downtown Corvallis for a trespass. Upon arrival, the officer located the male employees wanted trespassed and gave him a trespass notice.

The male subsequently attempted to go into the club again and was arrested for trespassing. Due to the jail not having room, he was cited in lieu of custody.

Feb. 17

Escape 2/Interference with a Peace Officer/Resisting Arrest/Possession

Officers located a male riding his bicycle westbound on NW Van Buren Avenue. One of the officers knew there was probable cause to arrest the male from a previous case.

The male initially began to flee from the officer on his bicycle but was later located by another officer in the area of SW 11th Street and SW Jackson Avenue.

The other officer attempted to take the male into custody when he again ran away, this time on foot. The three officers then chased him, yelling at him to stop and that he was under arrest. After jumping a fence, the male was found a short time later hiding under a car. He was taken into custody and resisted officers by pulling away and attempting to kick. After being taken to the ground and placed into leg restraints, the male was put into a patrol car.

He was booked into the Benton County Jail on the probable cause affidavit as well as for interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest and possession of methamphetamine after a white powdery substance was located on his person in jail.

The jail informed one of the officers that they would be releasing the male, so the officer wrote him a citation for the charges.

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