Corvallis Police Log: Jan. 31 – Feb. 3

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Jan. 31

Criminal Trespass 2

Officers responded to a call of a disorderly male customer at a downtown hotel. The male was in the hotel lobby when officers arrived and was visibly intoxicated and stumbling around.

An employee told an officer that the male became belligerent at the front desk when she wouldn’t order food for him, calling her derogatory names.

The employee said the male then walked over to a snack area and opened a bag of crackers, which he paid for, and began throwing them around. The employee asked the police to trespass the male from the property.

The male removed his items from the property and an officer completed a trespass notice. The officer then handed it to the male and explained it to him. The male was allowed to stay in his vehicle in the parking garage until he sobered up. The officer provided the employee with a copy of the trespass notice.

Feb. 2

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer was dispatched to a report of a trespasser at a student housing building in Southwest Corvallis. Upon arrival, he witnessed a male climb out of a window with items from a construction site in his hands.

The male was arrested for Criminal Trespass 2 and taken to the Benton County Jail. He was also re-cited for a previous offense.

Feb. 3

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

A male came into the police station to try to register as a sex offender, at which time he learned he was outside of his restrictions.

The male was arrested on a charge of Failure to Report as a Sex Offender and given a court date to appear in the Benton County Circuit Court.

Criminal Trespass 2

An officer responded to a call at an apartment complex in Northwest Corvallis for a report of harassment. The officer contacted a resident, who said his neighbor has been leaving notes on his door for two years.

The resident said that he had been patient because he knows his neighbor has mental health issues, but he had told her multiple times not to come to his apartment. He stated that he called his landlord, who advised him to have her officially trespassed from the property.

The resident showed the officer a container of croissants his neighbor left with an envelope that said “thank you”. Inside the envelope was a letter documenting a number of grievances the neighbor had with the resident, and stated that she was going to call the police on him.

The officer contacted the neighbor and said that the resident did not want her to come to his apartment, and then told her that if she had an issue with her neighbor, she needs to contact their landlord. The officer then issued a trespass notice and explained it to her.

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