Best of 2020: OSU on-campus coffee

By Claire Nelson
Freshman Anna-Kate Treske studies in Bing’s Cafe inside Weatherford which offers a variety of foods, coffees and teas.

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First place: JavaStop

In the heart of Oregon State University, across from the main lounge on the mezzanine level of the Memorial Union, is JavaStop: a small and cozy cafe that offers Portland Roasting Coffee, Smith teas, bagel sandwiches, pastries and baked goods. It is a frequented location on the OSU campus, and this year, was named “Best of Coffee: on campus.”

Prior to its opening in 1994, JavaStop was located in a space that had previously been a television lounge, according to Robyn Jones, director of MU Retail Food Service and Marketing. When she was hired in 1994, she was asked to open JavaStop. It has been a thriving cafe location since.

“We have always strived to keep JavaStop a welcoming and friendly spot for everyone on campus to enjoy,” Jones said via email. “Over the years we have hosted open mic nights, poetry readings, ESPN game day, vendor samplings, numerous meetings, and a great place to study, visit or just relax.”

Erin Carter, manager of JavaStop, emphasized the importance of building connections with customers on campus, and the cafe’s commitment to providing nutritious and diverse options with a high degree of friendly customer service. 

“At JavaStop we enjoy the daily interactions we have with our customers and are so appreciative that they choose us to be their coffee shop of choice,” Carter said via email. 

Cyera Charles, a student at OSU and a barista at JavaStop, has worked at the cafe for about two years. Charles said her favorite part of working at JavaStop is making coffee and seeing her co-workers and customers.

Charles also said JavaStop provides a great space for members of the OSU community to gather and relax.

“I’d say Java has impacted the OSU community because it’s a nice place to de-stress, which is super essential in an academic environment,” Charles said via email. “It’s also a really cool place to get to know other OSU community members, classmates and professors.”

In response to the Best of Coffee selection, Carter expressed gratitude. 

“We are so excited to be named one of OSU’s Best Ofs again,” Carter said via email. “We really strive to make each visit a special experience for our customers and to be given this honor shows that it is noticed and appreciated.”

As a barista, Charles expressed a similar sentiment.

“To be selected as one of the ‘Best Ofs’ is just so awesome and really reassures the feeling that I personally have towards Java. I’m glad others think it’s just as amazing as we do,” Charles said via email. “We really put extra time and effort to make it homey and comfortable, as well as serving amazing coffee, so I’m really glad the rest of the community agrees.”

As the director of MU Retail Food Service and Marketing, Jones said she felt thankful for the ‘Best Of’ honor and for JavaStop’s employees, who dedicate their time and effort into making JavaStop the unique and welcoming space it is.  

“I am thrilled that JavaStop has been selected as one of the ‘best of on campus coffee’ locations,” Jones said via email. “Erin and her team do an excellent job of customer service, take pride in their barista skills and genuinely love serving customers.”


Second place: Bing’s at Weatherford

Bing’s Cafe has been chosen as one of the top three “Best of Coffee on campus” by Oregon State University students and the Corvallis, Ore. community.

Bing’s Cafe is well known on campus for its house baked pastries and freshly made sandwiches. Bing’s Cafe also serves Starbucks coffee and Teavana tea for all those who need a little extra energy for their morning classes.

Sydney Fitzner, part of the University Exploratory Studies program at Oregon State University, said, “I like Starbucks, and Bing’s has cute sitting areas. Bing’s is also close to the class I just had.” Fitzner said what drink she buys depends on the weather, and since it is cold outside she likes hot drinks, with her favorite being London fog tea. 

Bing’s Cafe is open from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and it is located at Weatherford Hall, 300 SW 26th St. in Corvallis.

Students that have a dining plan, Mealbux benefits, or are involved in other programs that use orange cash can get a 10% discount on their purchases. 

Amy Hua, a student at OSU in the University Exploratory Studies program said, “I like that the menu [at Bing’s] are similar to Starbucks. I usually go with the strawberry acai lemonade.” 

Outside of serving hot and cold drinks, Bing’s Cafe has a variety of food choices like breakfast options, daily sandwiches and wraps, bagels and fresh fruit. 

“When I come back from class it is almost lunch time so Bing’s Cafe is a good place to study and also get food, because it has everything I need in the same place,” Hua said. 

Third place: Java II

On the first floor of The Valley Library, below the floors of book shelves and studying students, is Java II, one of Oregon State University’s busiest coffee shops and one of this year’s “Best Of coffee: on campus” selections.

Java II was established 22 years ago. Molly Duddleson, social media coordinator for Java II, said the shop celebrates its anniversary each year in September with cake and coffee. 

“It’s always such a fun way to celebrate with the community,” Duddleson said via email.

Java II serves Portland Roasting Coffee and a variety of other drinks, sandwiches, salads and snacks to keep studying students fueled. The cafe is open later than any other location on the OSU campus, closing as late as midnight from Monday-Wednesday. 

Rachael Reiter, lead barista and social media assistant at Java II, said the mission of the cafe is to provide nutritious and diverse options to the campus community and visitors while providing excellent customer service.

“We feel that our mission has positively impacted the community and has allowed us to understand our fellow community members and beloved visitors on a deeper level,” Reiter said via email. “We love that we are able to continue to fulfill our mission each day by providing positive experiences and delicious drinks and snacks.” 

In response to Java II’s “Best Of coffee: on campus” selection, Reiter expressed excitement. 

“We pride ourselves on making delicious coffee and our great customer service, so it’s very rewarding to be recognized for this award,” Reiter said via email. “It helps solidity to our baristas what a wonderful job they’re doing.”

Duddleson encouraged students to visit the cafe and follow Java II on Instagram.

“We post about all kinds of drink specials and promotions,” Duddleson said via email.

We even have contests where you could win free coffee or merch.”

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