Corvallis Police Log: Dec. 28 – Jan. 1

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Michael Eubanks, News Contributor

Dec. 28

Disorderly Conduct 2

Two officers responded to a call at a local boarding house in central Corvallis for a report of a male suspect acting aggressively. The officers learned that the male was banging on a female tenant’s door while yelling.

The male explained to the officers that he was upset because he had just sat in feces that had been on a toilet seat of a shared bathroom. He told the officers that he did not mean to harm anyone and he was just expressing his frustration. 

The officers learned that the male had damaged another tennant’s door by slamming it, however the other tenant did not wish to have anything done. One of the officers provided the male with a business card referencing the case number and then ended contact with him. 

Unlawful Amplified Sound

An officer arrived at a residence in south Corvallis in response to a report of minors smoking marjiuana. Upon arrival, the officer heard loud music from a speaker at least 50 feet away, as well as loud laughter. 

The officer spoke with a female resident of the household, who denied smoking marjiuana. The officer then issued a special response notice for Unlawful Amplified Sound and Loud Noise. The officer then explained the notice to the resident and gave her a business card. The resident then turned the music off. 

Dec. 29 

Property Found

Officer was dispatched to the area of SE 3rd Street and SE Chapman Place for a disturbance. Dispatch advised there was an altercation near the on-ramp toward Highway 34. At the site, the officer found three individuals who appeared calm and denied being in a fight. Sitting next to them was a newer looking white Trek 7.2 bicycle with blue trim, serial number WTU114C1685K. The officer checked local databases and did not find any recent reports regarding the bicycle. The officer then put the bicycle in evidence as found property.

Dec. 30 

Theft 1

An officer contacted a theft victim by phone, in regards to a vehicle break in in south Corvallis he had previously called in to report. The victim told the officer that his work van had been broken into and that he was missing between $2,000-3,000 worth of hand tools. The victim had no suspect information, but he believed that someone with a bike and trailer was responsible, as he saw tracks in the mud nearby. The victim was unsure if the area the theft occurred had video surveillance or not. The officer gave the victim a case number and advised him to email him a property list when he was able to put one together. The case was then disposed of as inactive due to a lack of investigative leads.

Dec. 31 

Theft I

Officer contacted a citizen by telephone in regards to a vehicle break in he had called in to report. The citizen reported that sometime overnight his work van was broken into while it was parked behind SE Lilly Ave., and he was missing between $2,000 and $3,000 worth of hand tools. The citizen had no suspect information in the theft, but believed someone with a bike and trailer was responsible for the theft as he had seen tracks in the mud. 

Non-Injury Vehicle Accident

An officer responded to a call of a non-injury vehicle crash in north Corvallis. Upon arrival, the officer contacted the driver of a black 2015 Toyota Camry. There was a language barrier, but the driver indicated he was not injured or in need of medical attention. 

The vehicle was off the west side of the roadway down an embankment. It appeared the vehicle had side swiped a guardrail on the west side of the road to the north of where the vehicle was when the officer arrived. There was no damage to the guardrail and the officer saw no signs of intoxication from the driver. 

The officer transported the driver home and contacted his daughter, who told him that he takes medication for his thyroid and sometimes becomes dizzy. The driver’s daughter told the officer that she was going to make an appointment with his doctor. The officer then provided both with his business card with a case number. The driver’s vehicle was towed to his residence. 

Jan. 1

Aggravated Harassment

An officer responded to a request for assistance from a Corvallis Fire Department unit who was on a call for service downtown.

 Upon arrival to the scene, the officer learned a female who was being assisted by the fire units spit on them after becoming frustrated that they would not transport her to the hospital. The female was arrested for Aggravated Harassment. 

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle

A dark blue 1997 Honda Accord was reported stolen from the parking lot at 2470 SW Western Blvd.

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