Corvallis Police Log: Jan. 18-23

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, Crime Beat Reporter

Jan. 18

Possession of a Controlled Substance – Methamphetamine (Paraphernalia)

An officer was conducting a foot patrol of a natural area when he encountered a male sitting under a roadway bridge smoking from a glass pipe.

The officer recognized the pipe as one that would be used to smoke methamphetamine and noticed it had a white crystalline substance in it.

The male admitted to smoking methamphetamine to “mellow out”, and that he had been using it for 17 years.

The officer seized the pipe and issued the male a citation for PCS – Methamphetamine (Paraphernalia).

Jan. 19


Two officers were dispatched to a local restaurant for a report of an unconscious female in the bathroom.

Upon their arrival, the officers were guided by the restaurant manager to the women’s bathroom where they found the female, conscious and breathing. The female admitted to using heroin in a bathroom stall and then passing out.

One officer located a used syringe on a toilet paper dispenser. The female declined medical transport to the hospital.

No action was taken on the drug possession due to Oregon’s amnesty law. The syringe was then collected and disposed of and the female left.

Warrant Arrest/Carry Concealed Weapon

While conducting a regular patrol through a skatepark, an officer was flagged down by a group of children who said there was a group of people fighting across the park.

The officer then made contact with a male, who admitted punching a second male after he grabbed his (the second male’s) bike tire and threw a beer bottle at him.

The officer took the male into custody and conducted a search of the male’s person and found a makeshift slingshot.

The officer then had probable cause to arrest the male for carrying a concealed weapon. He issued the male a citation in lieu of arrest for the change.

Littering/Trespass 2

An officer was walking to the south end of a skate park while making a follow-up on an assault investigation when he made contact with a male and asked him for his identification.

While the male was searching through his backpack for his ID, the officer noticed that several beer bottles were in the backpack.

The officer then asked for the male’s name and date of birth and asked dispatch via radio to look him up. Upon hearing the male had a warrant issued in his name, the officer went back to his patrol vehicle to look up warrant information on him.

While in the car, the officer heard the sound of glass smashing and saw the male inside the skate park bowl breaking the bottles and attempting to drink from them.

The officer returned to find shreds of glass inside the ramp. He then had probable cause to arrest the male for littering in addition to the warrant.

The officer led the male back to the car and placed him in handcuffs. He then completed a citation in lieu of arrest and explained the citation and trespassing notice to the male. The officer then left the park.

Jan. 20

Marijuana Use in Public

An officer responded to a call of a male suspect urinating in front of a downtown business.

When the officer arrived at the scene, the suspect was sitting on a curb. The suspect was smoking a pipe containing marijuana.

The officer issued and explained a citation for public use of marijuana. The officer also issued a warning to the suspect for urinating in public and having an open container.

Jan. 23

Criminal Trespass 2/Assault 4/Disorderly Conduct 2

An officer was dispatched to a skate park to respond to a call of a male suspect running around and punching people in the face with his fist.

When the officer arrived, he observed the suspect in the southeast corner of the park throwing things around and trying to pick up a large rock. Later, the officer learned the suspect punched two other males.

The suspect was arrested for two counts of Assault 4, Disorderly Conduct 2 and Criminal Trespass 2. He was lodged in the Benton County Jail.

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