Taiwanese Culture Night aims to educate through food, performances, games

The Taiwanese Student Association is hosting the annual Taiwanese Culture Night on Feb.16 in the Memorial Union Ballroom at 6:00 p.m.

Zoë Sandvigen, News Contributor

Taiwanese Culture Night, coming up next month, is a free event aiming to simultaneously entertain and educate. 

This annual event is scheduled to take place Feb.16 in the Memorial Union Ballroom at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are free but will cap out at 400 to ensure there is enough seating and food for the guests.

Sharon Chen, vice president of the Taiwanese Student Association, said she is working to create a fun and culturally-focused evening. There will be free food, drinks and a show put on by Taiwanese Association members and their families, according to Chen.

“We will have fried cabbage just like last year, and boba tea, a must, and winter melon boba tea,” Chen said. “The other dishes will be adjusted and decided upon closer to the event.”

Charlene Wang, president of the Taiwanese Student Association, said to look especially at the performances, which will be “the most special part of the event … This is where we will have some singing, dancing, and possibly more” said Wang.

After the doors open, there will be a period of time to mingle and catch up with friends or meet new ones. Dinner will be served, while, at the same time, the Taiwanese Association performs. After dinner and the show, a game booth will open in the back of the ballroom, allowing guests to play games and socialize.

“Half of the event will be people singing and dancing and half will be some kids performing traditional dance with traditional clothes,” Chen said. “The theme is lanterns, Chinese lanterns. So we will put up a lot of red and pretty ones.”

“We put on this event in hopes to spread Taiwanese culture and show everyone what it means to us. Our theme this year is Lanterns, but more specifically the lantern that we release into the sky in Taiwan during Chinese New Year,” Wang said. “We hope to decorate the Ballroom with lots of Chinese Lanterns and host an activity where attendees can make their own or write on lanterns their hopes and wishes for the new year.”

The event is open to the whole community of Corvallis and is put on to share their culture and educate people of the country of Taiwan, according to Chen.

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