Police log: Oct. 2-8

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Vada Shelby, News Contributor

Wednesday, Oct. 2 

Theft 3- shoplift

An officer was dispatched to a business on Monroe Avenue for a report of a theft. The officer spoke with a witness who said someone had stolen an American flag beanie. The officer reviewed the store’s security footage and watched a person take the beanie without paying for it. The case is pending upon the arrest of the suspect, who has been identified. 

Friday, Oct. 4 

Theft 2- bicycle 

An officer contacted a person who said their bike was stolen. The person was unsure of the exact time of the theft. The bike is an Electra Townie bike with red and black trim. There is a black basket on the back of the bike with cherries on it. The bike was not locked and was laying against a woodpile at the residence. The value of the bike is estimated at around $950. There is no further information at this time. 

Saturday, Oct. 5

Theft 2- from vehicle

An officer contacted a person who said their purse was stolen from their vehicle. The vehicle didn’t have any damage because the vehicle was unlocked. The purse contained a driver’s license, debit and credit cards, keys to a business and a portable charger. The estimated value of loss is around $200. 

Sunday, Oct. 6

Criminal mischief 1- vandalism 

An officer contacted a person who said their car had been damaged. Both bumpers and the front passenger door were keyed and the rear bumper was scraped. The officer noted it looked like the scrape on the rear bumper came from a screwdriver. The estimated value in damage is around $1,000. There is no further information at this time. 

Monday, Oct. 7 

Property submitted for destruction

An officer was dispatched to assist the fire department with a report of an unconscious person. Paramedics had a man in the ambulance and transported him to the hospital. The officer lodged the man’s shopping cart with personal items into the CPD Proterty for safekeeping and found a clear glass pipe with burnt residue resembling methamphetamine. The pipe was marked for destruction. 

Criminal mischief 2- vandalism

An officer contacted a person who reported their car window damaged. The person stated the rear driver side window was damaged and it looked like someone had forced the window down. The car was locked and didn’t have any signs of entry. The estimated damage is valued at $400. 

Tuesday, Oct. 8 

Theft 2- from vehicle

An officer was dispatched to the Maple Tree Court area for a report of theft from a vehicle. The rear passenger window of a vehicle was broken and a black backpack was stolen from the back seat. The owner of the vehicle said there were three navy blue Japanese fencing uniforms inside the backpack. The officer was unable to develop any suspect information.

Mail theft 

An officer contacted somebody who reported two packages being stolen off of their front porch. The first package contained 12 glass meal containers with locking lids and give meal containers with small compartments. The estimated value of the contents of the box is $58. The second package contained a large black sweatshirt that said “Arizona” on the front. The second package is worth about $32. The person said the only way they knew the packages were delivered was because of an online tracking number. There is no further information at this time. 

Theft 3 

An officer contacted someone who reported their recycle bin as stolen. The bin belongs to Republic Services and is worth around $75. The person making the report said they initially thought republic services took the bin but later discovered it was stolen. At this time there is no further information.

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