Guide to claiming Beaver Athletics student tickets

A student gets their ticket scanned at the student entrance for a football game in Reser Stadium. 

Brady Akins, News Contributor

As a student fee-funded resource for students, Oregon State Athletics provides tickets to students for certain sporting events that are covered by the fees and come without additional charge while claiming. With fall sports in full swing, students can learn how to redeem their tickets and enjoy being a part of the crowd rather than watching from home.

For events other than baseball, the process of obtaining student tickets can be done through The site requires students to provide their student ID number and a valid email address for their tickets to be sent. Students also must set up an account with a password to continue to claim tickets throughout the year. 

Students are able to purchase one guest ticket when claiming their student tickets for people not enrolled at Oregon State to attend a sporting event in the student section. Guests will be required to enter the stadium with the student they are attending the game with. 

Oregon State Baseball, a three-time national championship program, has different processes for claiming tickets. Rather than claiming a ticket online and getting it emailed to you, students will be asked to obtain their tickets in person upon arriving at Goss Stadium. This can be done at the ticket office behind home plate two hours before the first pitch and will only require a valid student ID to claim a ticket. 

While Oregon State does not provide tickets for every sport, the vast majority of sports fans should be able to find tickets for a game that speaks to them. Oregon State Athletics currently provides student tickets for football, women’s and men’s basketball, baseball, women’s and men’s soccer, gymnastics, wrestling and volleyball. All home events for these sports are played at venues located on the Oregon State campus. All that will be required of students to enter the stadium is their student ID and the digital ticket that they have been emailed. 

Claiming student tickets should be a stress-free process, provided these steps are followed. Additionally, it’s a process that comes at no extra cost to students outside of the required fees. Students are able to attend Oregon State Athletics events as an opportunity for fun and community. 

The schedule for all Oregon State Athletics can be accessed via their website. The OSU Football team faces the Stanford Cardinals on Saturday, Sept. 28 in Reser Stadium. Tickets for the game will be available online on the morning of Monday, Sept. 23. 

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