OSU student account fees fund campus services, resources

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Oregon State University organizes student account statements by the cost of tuition and student fees.By using the MyOSU portal, students can view and pay their account statements online and see how much each fee costs.

The five major student fees paid by OSU students are course fees, incidental fees, health service fees, building fees and matriculation fees. Course fees are only applied to specific classes if there are labs or extra materials needed. All classes with course fees attached to them can be found in the OSU Schedule of Classes.

Incidental fees include funding for campus resources like the Memorial Union and Corvallis Transit but are not explicitly explained to students in their account statements. According to the 2019-20 ASOSU Executive Summary, students will pay $398.44 in incidental fees each term this academic year. The summer term of 2020 is not included in the 2019-2020 Executive Summary because incidental fees are determined differently in summer terms. 

The most expensive units on this academic year’s summary are Recreational Sports, Student Facility Improvement Fees and Memorial Union, adding up to $213.02 of the $398.44. Other services covered in the incidental fees are Orange Media Network, ASOSU and Diversity and Cultural Engagement. 

The current cost of the health service fee is $179.42 and is charged to all student accounts each term. The health service fee is different among each OSU campus and are determined by enrollment and operation costs of the student health facilities. The health service fee ensures all students have access to programs such as Counseling and Psychological Services and pharmacy services on campus. 

According to OSU Business Affairs and Finance Administration, building fees are paid by every student attending classes at OSU and are pooled on a state-wide basis. Non-instructional building maintenance are the most common projects funded by building fees. Examples of buildings around campus that benefit from building fees are student recreation centers and

student union buildings. 

Matriculation fees allow access to OSU services and programs with no additional charges in the future. Examples of programs granted to students through matriculation fees are START, CONNECT and transcript services. These fees are only paid by students their first term at OSU. For most students, this fee is charged to their account as undergraduates. Graduate students are only charged matriculation fees if they are new to OSU and will be charged their first term of graduate school. 

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