Man caught stealing from Weniger convicted, serving probation

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The man who was caught stealing laptops and other supplies from Weniger Hall in July on Oregon State University’s Corvallis campus is now on probation after being convicted of theft in the second degree and burglary in the second degree. 

Andrew Pondelick’s conditions for probation include attending a drug rehabilitation program and not having any contact with OSU buildings or programs, according to Deputy District Attorney Andrew Jordan.

Oregon State Police and the OSU Department of Public Safety were tipped off that someone was breaking into rooms on the third floor of Weniger Hall in July. When officers arrived on the scene, Pondelick was found in a room used by the Society of Physics Students, with multiple laptops and personal items on his person. 

According to Dustin Treece, president of SPS, Pondelick was found in Weniger Hall room 381, a small lounge area used by multiple clubs. This lounge area is connected to room 383, a room that cash was previously stored in, but past thefts led the clubs to move the cash.

“When the door was looked at, it seemed like he had started to break in but then was able to use a key to unlock it,” Treece said. “He couldn’t have opened it without a key.” 

According to Treece, the room has never been broken into before. The cash stolen in the past was done either when the door was left open or by someone with a key. 

Treece thinks all responders involved did a great job handling the situation. 

Suzy Tannenbaum, chief of public safety at OSU said the Department of Public Safety takes reports of suspicious behavior seriously, and hopes anybody who witnesses such behavior on or around campus will contact DPS.

“When the Department of Public Safety receives calls of crimes or anything suspicious, because we have 24/7 coverage with public safety and troopers, we would dispatch them to the location and hopefully intervene,” Tannenbaum said via email. “I would ask all of our Beaver Nation that if anyone sees a crime in progress or suspicious activity to report it to the Department of Public Safety.” 

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