Police Log: June 28-July 1

Friday, June 28 

Identity Theft 

An officer called a woman to follow up on a report she had made claiming somebody had opened up multiple credit accounts in her name. They showed on her credit report and were opened between 2016 and 2019. There is no suspect information. 

Criminal Trespass 1 

An officer was dispatched to respond to a report of a burglary in process around Van Buren Avenue. The person who made the report said they had found a man they didn’t know sleeping in their basement when they got home. Upon the officer’s arrival, a search was carried out and nobody was found inside the house. The person who made the report said the incident had occurred one hour before he called the police. The person also said a week earlier one of his roommates had ran into a homeless person in the house and that their front door did not lock. Due to the lack of suspect information this case is being discontinued.

Fail to Register Sex Offender 

An officer responded to a report of somebody failing to register as a sex offender on time. Upon arriving at the registration office, the officer contacted the suspect who was in the process of updating their information. The suspect claimed the medication they are on makes them forgetful and they had forgotten to register on time because of their medication. The officer completed a citation and explained the court date to the suspect, who complied. 

Property Found

An officer responded to a report of a pile of credit cards being found in a movie theater parking lot. Some of the cards belonged to the same person but the officer couldn’t find contact information for them. The officer contacted the person’s bank and the bank said they would notify the cardholder. 

Saturday, June 29 


An officer responded to a report of harassment. Upon arrival, a woman explained she had been receiving text messages from an unknown number requesting nude photos. The person had tried calling her more than ten times and would hang up immediately if she answered the phone or leave a message if she didn’t answer. The person claimed she didn’t send any photos but was concerned because the person messaging her told her information about herself that only family members would have known. The officer attempted to call and text the number and didn’t find it registered to anybody in their database. The case has been discontinued. 


An officer responded to a report of an unconscious male who had overdosed on black tar heroin. Paramedics came to the scene and were able to revive them. 

Burglary 2, Theft 2 

An officer responded to a report of theft around NW 12th street. The person who made the report claimed their shed had been broken into and multiple items were stolen, including jewelry, gym bags and a bike. There are no investigatory leads and the case has been discontinued. 

Sunday, June 30

Tampering With Property

An officer responded to a report of suspicious circumstances around NW 8th street. The person who made the report claimed the storage closet of the apartment complex had been tampered with and that property services did not typically go there on the weekends. The officer found that a small access door had been removed and a bag of tools was left on the ground nearby. The case was discontinued and the officer left the person with a business card and case number. 

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