Charges against OSU employee dropped after alleged bathroom filming incident

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The criminal charges faced by Andres Lazaro Lopez, an Oregon State University employee, were dropped last week.

Lopez faced one felony charge of invasion of privacy in the first degree, along with two misdemeanor charges of invasion of privacy in the second degree, after being accused of filming a sex act in a Valley Library bathroom in December. At his arraignment in January, Lopez pled not guilty to all counts.

After a grand jury reviewed the charges against Lopez, the case was determined as “no true bill,” meaning there was a lack of sufficient evidence against Lopez.

Joshua Hunking, the attorney who represented Lopez in this case, said he is happy with the result overall.

“This is a great example of why it is important not to rush to judgment based on an allegation alone,” Hunking said.

In light of the accusation, the university took measures to ensure the safety and security of the bathrooms around campus. All public bathrooms were inspected by Oregon State Police troopers and campus Public Safety through safety patrols.

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