Police beats

Alex Luther

The following is a summarization of recent reported incidents from the Corvallis Police Department. The reports reflect the given facts from the situations. All individuals within the incidences are innocent until proven guilty under the United States Constitution. 


Sunday, May 19 

Suspected shoplifting 

A man who was recognized by a grocery store employee was suspected of shoplifting beer. The suspect has had incidences with the store in the past and was identified because of these incidences. Due to lack of witnesses and security camera footage being unavailable, the suspect was arrested due to previous trespassing and was not arrested for shoplifting 


Sunday, May 26

Beer theft 

A man was identified and reported by a grocery store employee for trespassing and stealing beer. Due to witnesses and security camera footage, the suspect was arrested and given his Miranda rights. He then confessed to both trespassing and theft. 


Sunday, June 2

Trespass and theft 

A police officer was stopped by a grocery store employee to address a man stealing a bottle of beer. The suspect was identified by the officer and was arrested for trespassing and theft as he admitted to both after being read his Miranda rights. Eye witnesses and camera footage additionally contributed to the evidence for the arrest. 


Tuesday, June 18 

Coffee shop trespass

A woman was arrested at a coffee shop for trespassing following a confirmation that the shop had a valid trespass notice on file for the woman. She was taken to Benton County Jail as she was additionally arrested at the same location for trespassing the day before. 


Tuesday, June 18 


A man who had two arrest warrants out for him was arrested in response to the warrants. He turned himself in and was identified as the individual from the warrants. Following his arrest, the warrants were dropped. 


Tuesday, June 18 

Failure to register 

An officer responded to a sex offender who had failed to complete his annual registration requirements. The officer confirmed the man’s identity, who was then issued a citation instead of being placed in custody in response to the failure.


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