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The Baro Staff, Photography by Nyjah Gobert

Students marched on Thursday from Community Hall to Bexell Hall to advocate for increased resources and transparency regarding funding decisions on behalf of the Music Department of Oregon State University. See some of the community reactions below. 

Fliers were found last week posted across community hall criticizing the lack of funding and the current state of the music program. The fliers alleged that faculty turnover was high and that the current funding levels were inadequate. 

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Steven Evans-Renteria 

fifth-year student, music education

“Once the SAC (school of art/communications) said they were dropping the community member of performance ensembles, I was forced to pay full student tuition. It’s really expensive. There are a number of people I know who can’t participate in performance ensembles because the tuition itself. The performance ensemble was a way to get around that. I think it’s a shame that the position of director of bands is not being replaced, the premier ensemble is one of the best, and it’s just a shame. I don’t think they are going to be able to be what they were without that type of direction.”

Janie Anderson

Fourth-year student, music education

“I’ve always been really hopeful for this department and faculty and students, and we can only go so far with all these restrictions placed on us. We only have two ensemble rooms in the entire department. That includes all of the bands, choirs, orchestra, and any ensemble a student wants to perform. The practice rooms aren’t even sound proof, the building is just really old and run down. 

Our faculty have to share office space, and it’s not just office space for emails, they have to hold rehearsal there too. I’ve always been really pleased with my professor’s, but I don’t remember a time about being excited about what the administration has to say. Today was really important, we had a forum last week and another tomorrow. We will stand in front of your office until you know that the music department is part of your department. We literally have some of the best faculty in the state here but I’m sure all of them are tired of being pushed down by administration. Music isn’t just the students in this building it’s everybody.”

Susan Si

“I never had the opportunity for music education, I’m 60 years old. It’ not too late to have music education before I die. Music education matters more than you know…”

Abby Cohen

First-year student 

“Music is such a huge part of my life, I’ve always been surrounded by so much music. Coming here I was so excited to play and be a music major, because it’s all I know. It’s kind of unsettling about what’s going on in the department. I want to fight for my rights as a music student, we are just as qualified and on the same levels as everyone else at this school. It’s just sad to me to see how we are tested and there’s inequality with the students at so many different universities. I think that,for what we can do protesting is making sure we have a voice and I want to be heard.”

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