Photo story: Springtime activities

Rdwana Rahman, OMN Photographer

1) Go on a hike! Corvallis has countless great hiking trails at every difficulty level. Many are close enough to campus to take the bus or drive to within twenty minutes. The pictured hike is at Witham Hill Natural Area, an open space with a one-mile-long hiking trail.

2) Visit the Corvallis Farmers’ Market! There’s an indoor market in the winter, but starting in the spring, the market moves outside to 1st and Jackson Street, by the river. It’s open Tuesdays and Saturdays, but is bigger on Saturdays. It’s a great way to enjoy a sunny day, grab something to eat and support small businesses.

3) Go on a bike ride! There are numerous parks and trails to bike through in Corvallis, both on campus and off. The pictured trail is at the Riverfront Commemorative Park by the river. A bike ride through campus is always pretty, as well, especially when all the flowers are in bloom.

4) Have a picnic! There are so many pretty places both on and off campus to have a picnic with friends, or by yourself. There are always lots of students hanging out on the lawn in front of the Learning Innovation Center on sunny days. The lawns in front of the Memorial Union and the Valley Library are also great places to soak in the sun.

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