Student on the Street: OSU students react to nearby flooding

Canon Wright, OMN Photographer


After recent flooding and major roadways remaining closed in or near Corvallis, Oregon State University students give their take on how, or if, the flood has affected them.

Lexi Huckerfeldt, Marine Biology | Freshman

“I believe that due to the floods they should cancel class because not all students can attend, and it would be unfair to their education.”

Tiffany Martin, Education | Sophomore

“I mean honestly, in a way, yes. Because my friend does row for the team so it impacts her too, so honestly it was terrible. I felt really bad for them.”

Clare Darling, BioHealth Sciences | Freshman

”My comm class has been canceled three times in a row because my teacher is currently stuck in her town because of the flooding”

Chase Pursley, Kinesiology | Freshman

“Honestly I just heard there was a ton of flooding and I thought we were gonna be stuck in here for a few days. So I thought that was pretty scary”

Anton Alvarez, Bio Resource Researcher | Freshman

“It affected me when I tried to run off campus and the road was flooded so I couldn’t do the workout that I wanted to”


William Sisley, Bio Resource Research | Freshman

“It personally doesn’t affect me, but I know it affects pretty much everyone else that doesn’t live on campus”

Karl Emmrich, Finance | Senior

“I mean I definitely don’t think that that’s a good thing, that the golf course is flooding, and I hope Oregon State’s doing everything they can to get that fixed.”

A.D Mahat, Business Administration | Freshman


“It’s pretty bad, considering how floods can affect peoples lives. Just how you work. That golf course wouldn’t be flooding if measures had been taken”

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