Oregon State Gymnastics wins three-way home meet

OSU junior Isis Lowery ends her bars routine with hands in the air as she stuck the landing from the high bar. 

Lillian Nomie, Sports Contributor

Oregon State Gymnastics beat Blowing Green and Alaska Anchorage on Friday night at at Gill Coliseum with a final score was 195.825-193.450-189.500.

This win puts the Beavers overall record at 8-2.

The Beavers began the night competing in the vault event, where senior Mary Jacobsen and junior Lena Greene tied for second place with a score of 9.850.

According to Head Coach Tanya Chaplin, there were times in certain events where the team fell short.

“We obviously have to be able to come in and put up six solid scores and know where we’re at,” Chaplin said. “I think that some of the mistakes were trying to get to those  sticks like on vault. I know Kaitlyn was trying to stick and came up short.”

Chaplin said she knows the players can do it but sometimes they try and force landings instead of letting them happen naturally.

“It’s really about letting those landings happen and being patient with them,” Chaplin said.

In the bars event, the Beaver’s secured all three top places. Senior Mary Jacobsen and Halli Briscoe placed third, junior Isis Lowery placed second and senior Marina Colussi-Pelaez took first.

Though Lowery did placed second in the bars event, both her and her coach said it wasn’t her best performance. Lowery said no matter how she performs she always tries to see the positives.

“I was laughing with my coach and I said it might not be my best routine but I hit all my handstands and I’ve never done that before,” Lowery said.

OSU freshman Madi Dagen  had a great performance in the beam event tonight according to both her and Chaplin. Dagen placed first in the event with a score of 9.900.

“I think beam has always been one of her strongest events,” Chaplin said. “It’s one event to me that she is the most confident in her abilities.”

Dagen said her favorite event she performed in tonight was beam.

“I went up there and gave it my all and attacked it. I think that really helped and the score showed,” Dagen said. “I was really excited about that.”

Junior Isis Lowery had the top score in the floor event at 9.925. Lowery said she loves to perform.

“It was good to go out there and finish with an exclamation mark. Like we said, it wasn’t our best meet so I was like ‘well let me go out there and do my absolute best,’” Lowery said. “I want to make as many people happy as I can and I think I did that.”

Dagen said that the love and support she feels from her team is what helps her succeed during her events.

“I have multiple people come up to me before each event and give me a little pep talk.

Each and every person on the team has an impact on me and I feel supported by them all,” Dagen said.

Lowery said that in college gymnastics is a team sport and if she didn’t have her team out there with her she would have no reason to compete.

“Personally I’ve always loved gymnastics but it’s good to know that they’ve got your back. They instill so much confidence in me,” Lowery said. “I said to one of my teammates tonight, no matter what happens I love you.”

The OSU Gymnastics team will be back at Gill on Friday, March 15, against North Carolina, Seattle Pacific and Iowa for senior night.

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