How to use condoms

“Q: Can I use two condoms at once?

A: No. This is sometimes deceptively referred to as “double wrapping”, even though it does not provide double protection. Using two external condoms or one external and one receptive (“female”) condom at one time actually offers less protection than using one. 

When two condoms are used at one time, they can rub against each other, creating friction, which can cause microscopic rips and tears on the condoms. Stick with one condom for one penis, you will save money and be better protected.

Q: Can I use a condom twice?

A: No. Condoms are one time use only. You can access small quantities of free condoms (and other barriers) on campus at one of our Safer Sex Spots, located in any Student Health Services location and the campus cultural centers. 

You can also access up to 99 free condoms by signing up for CCare at Student Health Services. CCare can provide free contraceptives and exams to qualifying students. To learn more and enroll in this program, visit Plageman Building first floor (room 110), or call 541-737-9140.

Q: Can I wait to put on a condom until just before the end of sex?

A: No. Not only does this technique leave you vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Infections, but you can actually get pregnant from pre-cum, also known as pre-ejaculation. Pre-cum can contain sperm, and can occur any time a male is aroused. 

Correct condom use can reduce your chance of contracting an STI and becoming pregnant, anything else can leave you at risk for both, which is why it is important to use a condom before sex starts.”

Q: What are flavored condoms for?

A: Flavored condoms are created for use during oral sex, typically on a penis. Using a condom during oral sex can prevent STI transmission. 

Typical external condoms are made of latex, which doesn’t always taste the best. Flavored condoms can help to enhance the experience for the individuals involved. 

You can also get flavored dental dams, which are used for oral sex on a vulva or anus, at any SSS location. 

Q: Why do condoms break so often?

A: Condoms, when stored properly, and used correctly, should not break often. 

If you find that your condoms are regularly breaking, make sure that they aren’t expired, and that you are storing them properly. 

Condoms should be stored at room temperature and never left in the heat or the cold. This means that leaving condoms in your car, or even backpack, is not ideal and can compromise the integrity of the condom. 

Places where the condom may encounter lots of friction while in the package, such as in your wallet or purse, can also break down the latex. 

If a condom does break during vaginal intercourse, reduced cost emergency contraception is available for purchase without a prescription at the Student Health Services Pharmacy (Plageman room 108). Emergency contraceptive can be up to 89 percent effective when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Self-referral STI testing is also available at the Student Health Services Lab (Plageman room 100).

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