Preparing for snow

Jaycee Kalama, News Contributor

Those checking the weather forecast this past week may have seen on-and-off forecasts of snow in Corvallis, Ore. for the upcoming week and beyond. 

Though Oregon State University has yet to see snow this school year, there is a slight possibility that showers could occur. In the case of potential inclement weather, OSU takes precautions to prepare for expected snow. There is a university leadership team that monitors inclement weather forecasts potentially affecting the OSU community.

The university makes weather-related decisions based on the most accurate and available weather forecast information. 

Steve Clark, vice president of university relations and marketing at OSU, said, “We seek to provide for the safety of our faculty, staff and students in being able to commute safely to and from campus and, once on campus, to be able to safely get around.”

Systems of communication stand by to inform OSU community members about any weather-related delayed openings. 

“If severe weather was to produce ice or snow, we have staffing who provide for clearing priority pathways, safety patrols and assistance,” Clark said. “Several streets throughout the campus are owned and maintained by the city of Corvallis, including removing snow by snow plows.”

According to the Office of Human Resources, the University will make every effort to announce a closure or curtailment decision before the start of the work day. The information will be posted by 6:30 a.m. During an emergency or campus closure, The alert portal on OSU’s website will be a primary source of information. Weather-related closure alerts can also be found on the university’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If classes are to resume during any inclement weather, students should stay in communication with their professors to avoid falling behind with their coursework. During closures of academic or research buildings, residence halls and residential dining centers remain open.

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