White nationalist Andrew Oswalt released from jail, registers as part-time OSU student

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Joe Wolf, Web & Mobile Manager

Oregon State University graduate student Andrew Oswalt has re-enrolled as a part-time student after his release from the Benton County Jail last Thursday, Jan. 10.

Immediately following his sentencing in December, Oswalt was not registered for any winter classes or research credits, according to OSU Vice President for University Relations and Marketing Steve Clark.

Oswalt was released ahead of the original schedule—serving 29 days out of his 40 day sentence—due to overcrowding and reduced time for good behavior, according to Sgt. Keith Hunnemiller of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Hunnemiller noted it is common for inmates to serve reduced sentences for “good time,” meaning they do not cause problems or violate rules, and that the county has the smallest jail per capita in Oregon.

Oswalt, a former student government representative known for expressing white nationalist views, was sentenced in December for committing first-degree intimidation, a felony hate crime under state law.

With his jail time complete, Oswalt will spend three years on probation and is barred from contacting the victims in the case, according to his sentence.

Oswalt is in the process of mounting an appeal against the trial court’s decision, and maintains his consistent complaint that his criminal conviction was an attempt to silence the student’s unpopular beliefs about race.

“What was done to me was not justice. It was ‘social justice.’ This was never about stickers; it was about punishing dissident thought,” Oswalt said via email. “What I have to say cannot be refuted, so they prefer to attempt to forcibly shut me up instead. The petty tyranny on display in that courtroom is the tangible reality of the Marxist abrogation of individual rights and responsibilities, and anyone who does not speak out against it is, in their own small part, complicit in the death of this country.”

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