Police Log: Jan. 8 – Jan. 9

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Michael Eubanks, News Contributor

Tuesday, Jan. 8


Trespass II

An officer responded to an apartment complex to the report of a transient sleeping in the hallway on the second floor. The complaint was made by the apartment property manager, who wanted the subject to leave and not return. Upon arrival, the transient was found sleeping in the hall and was issued a trespass notice from the property. She refused to take her copy of the trespass notice and was escorted off of the property after being informed she would be arrested if she did not leave.



An officer responded to a residence for a cold assault. A male called to report that another resident punched him in the face twice. The male who called declined medical attention. He said that he was in an argument with another male when the other resident walked up and slapped him in the face twice. The resident admitted to slapping him, but the male who called did not want to press charges. Both parties agreed to stay separated.


Theft of Services

An officer responded to a restaurant for a report of a male who left without paying for food and drinks. The suspect left the restaurant after claiming his debit cards did not work. He was detained by Oregon State Police and admitted he did not have any money to pay for the items. He was arrested for Theft of Services.


Trespass II

An employee from the library called requesting a man be trespassed from the library. The library employee stated he contacted the man because his girlfriend was sitting on his lap, and there apparently is a policy that only one person may be in a chair. The man told the employee to “go away” and “don’t tread on me”. The man admitted he made statements about how ridiculous he thought the request was. The employee then told the man he was trespassed for a day and to leave. The man verbally expressed his opinion about the trespass to the employee but ultimately left the library before coming to the police department. An officer verbally told the man that the library didn’t want him back and he needed to contact the manager to discuss it, as they had a right to tell people to leave. He said he understood but wanted to explain he felt targeted by the employee. The officer followed up with the employee telling him he did not trespass the man as there was no crime. The employee explained that the man’s behavior was disruptive as there was more than one person in a seat. The officer asked who complained about his behavior prior to being asked to leave and the employee admitted no one had. The employee stated that he would use the library’s process to trespass the man for a week.

Wednesday, Jan. 9


DUII/Non-Injury Accident

An officer was dispatched to an intersection for a non-injury accident. A male was driving a 2019 Jeep Cherokee with California plates southbound and crashed into a barrier which separates the road and a railroad track, which resulted in the vehicle being high-centered on the barrier. Through investigation, it was determined that the male was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash and was subsequently arrested for DUII – alcohol. His BAC was 0.18%. He was issued citations for DUII and Failure to Drive within Lane.


Unlawful Possession of Meth

An employee of a janitorial company turned in a baggie she located within the men’s bathroom of the lobby of the police department. The baggie was a small Ziploc bag with blue Pac-Man symbols on it. It contained a white residue on the interior which an officer believed to be methamphetamine. The baggie was placed into evidence as item #1 for destruction. There are no suspects.

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