Police Log: Jan. 3 – Jan. 4

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Thursday, Jan. 3


SRN Amplified Sound

An officer responded to a report of a party at a local residence with a loud stereo. While approaching the residence, the responding officer heard loud music over the engine of their vehicle approximately 100 feet away. The officer parked and approached the residence. Approximately 50 feet from the premises, the officer could hear loud voices. The officer was eventually able to contact the resident, who stated they were unaware of the city’s ordinance for Unlawful Amplified Sound and that they would comply with keeping the music volume down. The officer issued the resident a Special Response Notice for Unlawful Amplified Sound and Loud Noise.


Criminal Trespass II

Police responded to a call reporting seeing someone throw trash in some hedges near a boarded up, unoccupied fraternity house. After driving around the area unable to find a suspect, the officer got out on foot. In the backyard of the house, the officer was able to locate a suspect walking their bike. The suspect claimed they were “just leaving.” The officer informed the suspect of the complaint and that they were trespassing and that they would be arrested if they remained on the property. The suspect subsequently left the area.


Burglary of TKE Fraternity

An officer responded to the TKE fraternity for a burglary. According to the log, the president of the fraternity “checked on the frat and heard a noise outside.” He then exited and called the police. A male suspect ran from the house and was apprehended by other officers. The house was cleared and nobody else was inside, however there was extensive new damage to the fraternity. The man was arrested for Burglary I, Criminal Mischief II, and Theft of Services.


Theft II

Officers responded to a local apartment complex for a report of a theft that had just occurred. The caller stated that they had confronted two people who were stealing washers and dryers from an outside storage area. They showed responding officers a video of the two suspects, and the officers recognized them. The pair were ultimately located and arrested for Theft II.


A caller reported an unknown person shattered the passenger window of their vehicle and stolen their wallet from the glovebox. They also indicated that they believed the theft had occurred sometime late the night prior. They described the stolen item to police as a black Fossil brand wallet containing a California driver license, Oregon State University student ID and two debit cards. Ultimately all cards were cancelled and the case was discontinued due to a lack of suspect information.


Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

An officer was dispatched to respond to a motor vehicle collision that occurred between two vehicles. The at fault driver rear-ended the back of the other driver’s vehicle. The at-fault driver ultimately admitted that they had been holding their cell phone and looking down at it when they collided with the other vehicles. The other driver sustained a possible broken nose injury and was transported to the hospital via personal vehicle. The at fault driver was cited for Operating a Motor Vehicle while Using an Electronic Mobile Device.



Police responded to a report of domestic violence in progress. Investigation revealed that a couple had gotten into a verbal argument that, according to the log, “escalated into pushing and slapping.” Ultimately, neither party suffered substantial pain or impairment from their physical condition. Nor did either party wish to pursue charges. The two involved parties were separated for the night.


Trespass II

An officer responded to the men’s shelter for a report of trespass. There, the officer spoke with an employee who informed the officer that a man had come onto the property while under the influence of drugs and, according to the log, “inquired about fighting people.” The employee stated that the man started acting erratic by doing pushups and exercising while outside in the smoking area. The officer ultimately contacted the man and issued a trespass notice at the employee’s request.


PCS Methamphetamine

An officer contacted a suspect  on, according to the log, “a mere contact.” During that contact, the man consented to a search of his person. The officer located a folded receipt containing a white crystalline substance in his right pocket. The man admitted that the substance was methamphetamine. The man was ultimately cited in lieu of custody.


Theft by Receiving

An officer arrested a man for Theft by Receiving. The man was driving a vehicle with expired registration. The man possessed updated registration stickers on the front and back that had been damaged. He also possessed a gray Carhartt jacket with a security tag on it. The man claimed the sweatshirt did not belong to him. The officer subsequently seized the sweatshirt and the license plates as evidence.


Friday, Jan. 4


An officer was dispatched to a local hotel on report of a trespasser. The suspect, who had previously been trespassed, attempted to enter the hotel but was unable to do so due to locked doors. They then put notes up against the windows of the hotel and shined a flashlight through the windows at hotel staff. The suspect was ultimately issued a citation for trespass II.


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