Police Log: Jan. 2

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Wednesday, Jan. 2

Welfare Check

An officer responded to an apartment for an unknown problem. A neighbor had called stating that she heard a female say “help” and heard what sounded like the front door opening and closing. The officer contacted the male and female who lived in the apartment sitting outside of their apartment. The officer explained to them why he was there and the female told the officer that they had an argument. The female told the officer that she suspected the male of taking medication out of her purse. The female stated she did not want the male to be in trouble and the male denied taking any medication out of her purse. The female told the officer that she slammed the door when the male returned home and apologized for bothering her neighbors. The officer called the neighbor and informed her of what he heard.


Burglary I

An officer contacted a male regarding possible vandalism that occured at his residence. The resident had arranged for a family friend, age 15, to check in on his residence while he, his wife and his daughter’s family went to Sun River. When the male returned home, he noticed an alcohol bottle inside his residence that did not belong. The officer subsequently learned that the 15-year-old had entered the daughter’s residence without permission and stole a bottle of alcohol, which was taken back to the male’s address. The officer contacted the 15-year-old and she admitted to the theft. However, the involved parties did not want to pursue charges.

Death Investigation

Two officers responded to an unconscious person located at an apartment. A male called and reported his father was unconscious and suffering from cardiac arrest. The father was transported to a local hospital by EMS. The father was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Burglary I

An officer responded to a local residence for a report of a burglary that occurred between 12/20/18 and 1/2/19. A man returned home to find his front door kicked in. The only item he noticed missing was a silver Panasonic projector valued at $2000 for the living room. The man’s roommates were not home and he was informed to have them call the officer when they returned home.

Fugitive Arrest

An officer was dispatched to the parking lot of a gas station for the report of a non-injury traffic crash, with the two drivers arguing. When the officer arrived he contacted the drivers of both cars. The officer determined that the damage was minor and both vehicles were driveable. The officer told the drivers he would assist with the information exchange. When one of the drivers provided the officer with his driver’s license, he told him that he had a warrant out for his arrest. Another officer arrived at the scene and confirmed that the male had a warrant for his arrest out of Lincoln County circuit court for failing to appear on an original charge of DUII. Bail was set at $60,000. Lincoln County issued a citation instead of custody. The officer completed an information exchange form for both drivers and provided them both with a copy of the form and his business card. The officer gave the male with a warrant out for his arrest a citation for the DUII and explained the court date and time to him and he told the officer he understood. When the officer returned to the police department he confirmed that the warrant was removed from LEDS/NCIC.


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