Police Log: Jan. 11 – Jan. 13

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Chloe Stewart, News Contributor

Friday, Jan. 11


Warrant Arrest/PCS

While conducting a directed patrol, an officer saw a suspect unlawfully entering waste containers and removing items. After stopping the suspect, the officer learned that they had a confirmed warrant issued out of Lincoln County for their arrest. The officer took custody of the suspect. While conducting a search of the suspect, the officer located a small, clear plastic bag containing a white crystalline substance which was confirmed to be methamphetamine by a field test kit. The suspect was taken to the Benton County Correctional Facility on the warrant and issued a citation for the possession offense.


Fugitive Arrest

An officer was dispatched to a local church for a trespass. The caller stated that the trespasser left the church prior to the officer’s arrival. The caller also said they had caught the suspect sleeping at the church several days prior and told them that they were trespassed and to not return. Another officer located the suspect nearby, and the responding officer relocated to this location. After running the suspect’s name through dispatch, it was discovered that the suspect had a total of seven warrants for their arrest. The officer arrested the suspect and transported them to the Linn County Jail, pursuant to the warrants’ jurisdiction.

Theft by Deception

Police responded to a report of a cold fraud. The caller explained that a pop-up window on their computer in mid-December directed her to make a phone call that would enable the people behind the ad to remove a virus they detected on the caller’s computer. The caller lost $1,499 to the scam. Police were unable to develop any investigative leads and have subsequently discontinued the case.


Harassment DV

An officer responded to a cold DV harassment call at a local residence. A woman reported that she and her boyfriend had just broken up and he became angry and pushed her down. He was drunk. He left her house and returned to his residence in the same building. The woman stated she had no injuries form the push except a broken nail. The officer photographed the injury and then contacted the boyfriend at his residence and arrested him for Harassment. The officer then transported him to the Benton County Jail.


Saturday, Jan. 12


Fugitive Arrest

Officers on a directed patrol at a local park contacted a man for illegally camping in a tent along Mary’s River. One of the officers asked dispatch to check the man’s information for warrants. Dispatch subsequently advised the man had three confirmed warrants for his arrest. The officer then called the Benton County Jail and the staff there authorized a citation in lieu of custody. The officers issued a citation for the warrants, explained the court date and time, and gave the man a copy of the citations, then ended their contact.


Trespass I

Officers responded to a report of a possible intruder at a local residence. The occupant of the residence had texted her mother saying she thought she could hear a male voice and footsteps in her house and asked her mother to call the police. On arrival, one of the officers observed that the door was not completely latched, but closed. The officers cleared and did not find anyone inside other than the woman’s roommates.

The woman explained to officers that she had woken up and thought she heard the front door open, and then the living room floor creaking. She also said she heard a male voice call out a name, and then nothing further. She reported also seeing a cell phone flashlight, but not a person.

None of the residents reported anything missing or disturbed. The officers did not find any further evidence to suggest that anyone had entered the house and the case was subsequently discontinued.


Probation Violation/PCS Meth

Officers responded to a reported “suspicious person.” The caller reported that a man was outside her residence and pounding on the door. The suspect was contacted and ultimately left the area. An officer later located a small glass pipe that tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine. However, officers were unable to locate the suspect after discovering the pipe to ask him about it.


Trespass II/Theft III

An officer responded to a local convenience store for a theft that had just occurred. The caller, an employee, reported a man walked into the store, grabbed a 20 oz Mt. Dew and then left without paying for it. The employee stated that they ran after the man until he dropped the soda and kept running. While speaking with the employee, another officer advised that they had located the man in a nearby parking lot. The employee indicated that they did not want to press charges for the theft since they were able to recover the stolen item, but they wanted the man trespassed from the property. The officer completed a trespass notice and provided a copy to the employee. The officer then responded to the suspect’s location, explained the trespass notice and provided a copy to the man. The man said he understood. The officers then ended their contact with the man.


Crash Non-Injury/Fail to Obey TCD

An officer responded to a crash between two vehicles. On arrival, the officer learned that one of the drivers was making their way through the intersection when the other driver proceeded through the stop sign and collided with the front driver side of the other driver’s truck. The first driver had the right of way. The at-fault driver stated they had their sunglasses on and did not see the other vehicle. The at-fault driver’s vehicle was towed from the scene due to heavy damage and they were issued a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device. A DMV traffic crash form was completed and each party was given a copy.


Suspicious Device/Bomb Squad

An officer responded to a local business on a report that a possible live grenade was located in a donation box. The store was evacuated and an OSP Detective/Hazardous Device Technician was contacted. The detective stated that they could not tell if the device was inert after examining pictures sent to them and they responded to the scene. When the detective arrived, they inspected the grenade and stated that it was spent and likely not a danger. They then collected it for disposal. The remainder of the donation box containing the grenade was inspected and nothing else appeared to be dangerous.


Suspicious Activity

Police received a phone call regarding a suspicious activity complaint. The caller explained that his neighbor had been, according to the log, “coming and going in a U-Haul pickup for the last two weeks.” The caller also reported he had observed several different male drivers using the truck in that time, also indicating that they often left/returned after dark. The caller’s wife had also observed backpacks and trash bags being removed from the bed of the truck and into the residence. They were suspicious of this due to drug activity at their neighbor’s residence.

A Deputy executed a search warrant at the residence and ultimately seized drugs from the residence.


Open Container

An officer on  bicycle patrol observed a man holding a can of Coors Light beer. When the man saw the officer, he tried to conceal the beer and then dropped it on the ground. The officer observed fluid drain from the top of the can when it hit the ground. The officer The officer contacted the man and asked why he dropped the beer. He replied “what beer,” and then stated he was afraid when he saw the officer and knew it was illegal to possess an open container in public. The officer completed a citation for Open Container, explained it to the man, and provided him with a copy. The man indicated he had no questions. The officer then ended contact.


Sunday, Jan. 13


DUII/Reckless Driving

An officer responded to a report of a single vehicle crash. On arrival, the officer learned the driver had crashed after striking a median in the road. Further investigation revealed probable cause to arrest the driver for DUII and Reckless Driving. The driver provided a breath sample of 0.13 percent BAC.


Trespass I

An OSU student was arrested for Trespass I after they unlawfully entered a residence while intoxicated. The student was located asleep on a couch inside the residence and then driven home after being issued a citation.


Criminal Mischief II

Police received a call from a woman regarding a cold vandalism. The caller reported that her ex-boyfriend threw a rock through her living room window the night before, Jan. 12. The caller said she also received text messages from her ex-boyfriend earlier in the day of the incident and that he was drunk. The caller reported after the incident occurred, she saw her ex-boyfriend leave in his vehicle. The caller said that her ex-boyfriend came over earlier that morning, Jan. 13, apologizing and offering to pay for the window. The caller said she notified her landlord of the property and said she would reach a civil compromise with her ex-boyfriend regarding the damage, cost and repair of the window.

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