Police Log: Dec. 30

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, News Contributor

Sunday, Dec. 30

Criminal Mischief II

An officer was dispatched to an area near an intersection of two main roads for a report of vandalism in progress. It was reported a female was smashing a window. The officer made contact with a female who matched the description of the subject. Several witnesses identified the female as the subject. The female was arrested for Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree and was transported to Benton County Jail.



An officer responded to an adult care home for an assault that just had occurred. A resident called to say that another resident punched him in the face. Upon police arrival it was discovered that the resident who was accused did not punch the other resident as he had stated on the phone, but he did grab him by the shoulders and yelled at him to leave him alone. A staff member was present and confirmed the account given was correct. The resident who was grabbed didn’t want anything done but said he wanted the other resident to leave. It was explained to him that the other resident leaving was up to staff. The officer discussed with the resident who had grabbed the other resident how his behavior was not acceptable and that if he has a problem with another resident that he needs to go to staff and have them deal with it. Both parties agreed to stay away from each other for the remainder of the evening.



An officer responded to a local hotel for an argument between a male and a female in their room. An employee had called after the male called down to the front desk asking for police to respond. When the officer arrived, the door to their room was propped open and the two were no longer arguing. The female told the officer that they were having an argument over their shared phone and some of her property she said he had in his backpack. The female admitted to throwing a bible towards the male, telling him that he “needed Jesus”. The male was not struck by the bible and neither party made physical contact with each other. The male explained the same argument over the cellphone and trust issues. A lamp was accidentally knocked over when the bible was thrown. The lamp was undamaged but the bulb broke and staff was notified. The male and female agreed to go to sleep and assured the officer that police would not have to return.


Crash/ Fail to Obey TCD/ Careless Driving

An officer responded to an intersection for a crash. The investigation and evidence apparent from the crash show that a male, who was driving a red Nissan Sentra Enterprise Rental car ran the stop sign as he was traveling west through the intersection. The male admitted he ran the stop sign and stated he did not think he was going faster than 20 mph. He could not tell the officer why he did not stop. Another male was was driving a black Toyota Camry north with his wife and two young kids in the car, when the male in the Nissan ran the sign and T-boned the Camry. The male in the Camry stated he was going approximately mph. The Nissan had heavy front damage and the Camry had damage to the passenger side consistent with the statements provided. The wife of the driver of the Camry and the passenger of the Nissan both complained of pain but declined medical transport. Both cars were towed from the scene and the driver of the Nissan was issued a citation for Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device and Careless Driving – Accident. He was given a copy of his citation along with a DMV crash form, all of which were explained to him. The driver of the Camry was also given a DMV crash form which the officer explained. Pictures were also taken at the scene.  


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