Police Log: Jan. 7 – Jan. 8

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Chloe Stewart, News Contributor

Monday, Jan. 7


Non-Injury Accident

An officer responded to a highway overpass for a single vehicle accident. On arrival, the officer observed a silver Ford Ranger with temporary plates on its side up against a guardrail. The driver was still inside the vehicle, uninjured. They were assisted out of the vehicle by the Corvallis Fire Department. As the driver was being evaluated by medics, they explained that they had slid on ice as they were driving, causing the vehicle to spin and collide with the guardrail. No other vehicles were struck and the guardrail was not damaged. The officer subsequently completed an Oregon Police Traffic Crash report, explained it to the driver, and gave them a case number and contact information. The vehicle was towed due to damages and photographs were taken for the case file. The case has since been discontinued.


Fugitive Arrest

An officer responded to a complaint of a male suspect sleeping underneath some stairs. The officer located the suspect and identified him. The man had several warrants for his arrest and was subsequently taken into custody. As the officer was searching the man for weapons and/or means of escape, they found a small plastic bag containing methamphetamine. The man was lodged at the corrections facility and his backpack was seized as evidence.


Feeding Turkeys

An officer responded to a local residence to follow up from previous complaints of “turkey feeding at this location.” The suspect was cited for having feed out in their front yard accessible to turkeys after multiple complaints and previous police contacts.


Burglary I/Theft II

Police received a report from a woman saying that earlier that day, she noticed approximately $200 in cash was missing from her purse. The woman also stated that she had noticed that her iPad mini was missing the previous day. She stated that she always leaves her doors unlocked while she is home and she had not left home all weekend, at which time she is sure she had her money and her iPad. Based on the information provided, the woman indicated that she believes someone entered her home through an unlocked door between the evening of Jan. 4 and Jan. 6. At this time there are no suspect leads. However, the report is consistent with a similar report taken over the weekend in the same area. Both reports involved money stolen from a purse while a door was unlocked.



Attempted FUCC

An officer spoke to a caller in regards to a fraud. The caller stated that they received a call a few days prior from the Nordstrom’s fraud department stating that someone had called and attempted to add a person to their credit card. The caller stated that Nordstrom told her that the person knew their name and the last four digits of their social security number. Nordstrom did not get the person’s name because the call was dropped. The caller told the officer that there were no fraudulent charges made on their credit card and they had already cancelled the card. The caller also stated that they wanted to make a report in case their information was used to open an account elsewhere. The officer provided them with a case number.


Fugitive Arrest

The manager of a local restaurant called police to report several transients were loitering on the property and harassing customers. An officer responded and contacted five suspects seated in the parking lot. No crimes or violations were being committed but the restaurant manager wanted them trespassed from the property. Upon identifying two of the suspects, dispatch informed the officer that they each had unconfirmed warrants for their arrest. After confirming the warrants, the officer issued and explained citations to the two suspects. The officer then explained to all five suspects that they were not permitted to return to the property or they would be arrested for Criminal Trespass. They acknowledged they understood and left the area without incident.


Welfare Check

An officer responded to a local church to conduct a welfare check on a man. According to the log, it was reported that the man “appeared disoriented.” The officer contacted the man on the steps of the church to find him stiff and shivering from the cold. The man stated he was having difficulty walking and had been in a vehicle accident three days prior. The man also indicated that he had never had difficulty walking prior. He had been sitting on the steps for an unknown amount of time before help was called. The man’s pants were wet and he was wearing paper hospital gowns under his clothing. Paramedics with the Corvallis Fire Department were dispatched to evaluate the man and he was subsequently transported to Good Samaritan Hospital via ambulance.


Trespass 2

Officers responded to a local restaurant after a caller indicated that they wanted to report an argument they’d had with an employee. After speaking with the restaurant’s owner and the caller as well as an independent witness, it was revealed that the caller had been allowing his dog to drink out of a normal cup and the restaurant owner confronted them, saying that it was unsanitary. The restaurant owner also offered the caller a small plastic to-go container to give the dog water instead. The caller then became angry and began to, according to the log, “‘mean mug,’” the restaurant owner. The owner of the restaurant asked the caller to leave, but the caller began to argue and claimed that the restaurant owner was being unreasonable. Ultimately, the caller was trespassed from the restaurant and stated that they understood they were not permitted to return.


Illegal Camping Public Property

Police responded to a complaint of people sleeping inside the gazebo of a local park. On arrival, the officer located two men in the gazebo, lying down and asleep. Both men had blankets and a sleeping bag with them. One of the men built a partial enclosure around him by putting foam padding on the railing and a blanket from the railing to a stroller to create a windbreak. He also had some food, clothing, a bicycle, his dog, and garbage next to where he was sleeping. The other man had a shopping cart containing his personal belongings next to him. Based on these observations, the officer believed the two were sleeping there on a permanent basis. The officer posted the campsite for illegal camping and explained that they had 24 hours to vacate the area with their personal belongings. Both of the men said they understood. The officer also contacted the Corvallis Parks and Recreation, who said they would clean up any items left behind the next day. The officer also took photos of the campsite and placed those photos into evidence.



A woman came into the police station indicating that she wanted to report her ex-boyfriend. While meeting with an officer, the woman stated that her ex-boyfriend had showed up, unwanted, at her residence. The officer visited the residence and was unable to locate him. Later, the officer was able to contact the ex-boyfriend by phone and he said he understood that he was not to return to the residence in the future.


Tuesday, Jan. 8


DUII (Alcohol)

An officer responded to a complaint of an intoxicated driver. The officer was able to contact the suspect. The man agreed to give a breath sample for chemical analysis and his BAC was 0.15%. The man was ultimately arrested.


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