Police Log: Dec. 29

General Police Log Graphic

Michael Eubanks, News Contributor

Saturday, Dec. 29


Attempted UEMV

An officer was dispatched to the report of a car prowl that had occured at an apartment complex. Two people were stopped in the area and matched the suspect descriptions almost exactly. The officer’s investigation revealed that the woman who was stopped attempted to open the door to a white 2018 Nissan Versa, but was scared off before she could make entry. The officer arrested her for Attempted UEMV and booked her at the Benton County Jail.

Suspicious Activity/ Probation Violation

An officer was dispatched to perform a welfare check at a doughnut shop. A man was reported as buying ten espresso shots, giving a $1,000 tip, and crying as he drank the espresso shots. The male was identified, and it was discovered that his probation officer out of Multnomah County placed a detainer on him, but the Benton County Jail refused to take him, so he was released from custody outside the jail. The officer was unable to develop probable cause to arrest the male for any crimes.

Telephonic Harassment

A woman came to the LEC to report that her estranged husband would not stop sending her derogatory text messages after she told him to stop contacting her multiple times. The woman explained to the officer that she’s been separated from her husband for 18 months but they are still legally married. The woman had moved from Tennessee to get away from her estranged husband but he’s continued to text her, and has hacked into her Facebook account. The estranged husband still resides in Tennessee, and according to the woman the local police in the city he resides in will not arrest him for the continued text messages. The officer advised the woman to change her phone number, deactivate her social media account and to apply for a restraining order. The officer provided the woman his business card with a case number, a Victim’s Rights card and discontinued the case due to the fact that the husband lives out of state.


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