Police Log: Dec. 7 – Dec. 9

General Police Log Graphic

Chloe Stewart, News Contributor

Friday, Dec. 7

Fugitive Arrest

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to a man standing near a dumpster allegedly trespassing. The man revealed his identity and admitted that he was pulling items out of the dumpster in search of warm clothes. Dispatch advised the officer that the man had a warrant through Benton County for possession of meth. On request of the jail, the officer issued the man a citation in lieu of an arrest and a warning.  

Theft of Services

An officer responded to a complaint of an unknown person using an extension cord plugged into an outdoor business outlet. The extension cord was plugged into a small electric heater among some bushes along with an individual in a sleeping bag. The officer issued a warning for theft of services.

Saturday, Dec. 8


Officers responded to a call of multiple security alarms going off. They investigated the building and found an unlocked door. The officers then searched, cleared and secured the building’s interior. Dispatch was unable to contact the person reporting (PR). According to the log, the pattern of building penetration and alarms suggests that someone entered the building through one door and exited via a different door. However, no supporting evidence was discovered. The investigation was discontinued due to a lack of evidence. Investigation will resume should further information arise.

Found Property

Police received a report that an individual found what they believed to be a stolen bicycle. According to the log, the officer believed the bicycle to be abandoned in what appeared to be an old dumpster area. Upon reaching out to the caller, they indicated that they had heard that the bicycle might have been stolen and could have a reward attached to it. The source of this statement is unknown, possibly social media. The officer took possession of the bicycle and ran the serial number, which revealed that it was not reported stolen. The bicycle was ultimately placed into evidence as found property.

Fugitive Arrest

An officer responded to a report of an intoxicated individual making threats to shoot staff at a local business. The officer located the suspect in a nearby parking lot. The suspect was found to have two Benton County warrants for DUII and Criminal Mischief. The suspect was arrested, handcuffed and taken to the emergency room to be cleared for alcohol intoxication. The suspect was then transported to Benton County Correctional Facility. The jail requested a citation for a new court date. The officer notified dispatch then transported and released the suspect to their residence.

Sunday, Dec. 9


An officer was dispatched to a local business for a report of shoplifting. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with an employee, who explained that an individual stole a pack of cigarettes (valued at $6.40) and fled the store. The employee described the suspect as a white male in his late teens to early twenties, approximately 5’10”, wearing a dark jacket, hat, dark jeans, and a white undershirt. The employee indicated that they weren’t sure they would be able to identify a suspect, and no video footage was available. After searching the area, the officer was unable to find anyone matching this description. As a result, the investigation was discontinued.


An officer was dispatched on a report of harassment. Upon arrival, the caller reported that an individual was making inappropriate comments to their child. The caller indicated that the individual was following them around, waved at the child to come over, and claimed that the child was theirs. The caller felt upset and uncomfortable. Employees at the business were made aware and called the police.

The officer later contacted the suspect, who claimed they were joking with the caller. The officer explained that they had made the caller and others very uncomfortable and that the business did not want them to come back. The suspect signed and received a copy of the trespass form, which states that they are not allowed back on the property. A copy was also given to the business manager and the officer instructed them to call back should the suspect return.

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