Live Game Updates: Oregon State Football vs. Oregon

Oregon running back Royce Freeman fighting his way through the OSU defense during a previous Civil War match up. 

Caleb Chandler, Web Producer

Location: Reser Stadium, Corvallis Ore.

Kickoff: 1 p.m.

Listen: KBVR-FM 88.7

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Final | OSU 15 – Oregon 55 |

For the 122nd match up of the Civil War rivalry, the Oregon State Beavers (2-9) will be hosting the Oregon Ducks (7-4) at Reser Stadium on Friday with kickoff set for 1 p.m. Last year, the Ducks defeated the Beavers in Eugene with a final score of 69-10. Prior to defeating Colorado in overtime four weeks ago, the Beavers’ last conference win came in 2016 when OSU upset Oregon in Corvallis, which followed with the crowd storming the field. Now, with first-year Head Coach Jonathan Smith in command, the Beavers look to repeat Civil War history as the stage is set for another battle between the two Oregon universities. 

First Quarter

11:01 | Touchdown | OSU 0 – Oregon 7 |

Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert threw 21 yards to running back CJ Verdell who ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point was good, giving Oregon a 7-0 lead in the first quarter.

7:52 | Sack for a loss

Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert is sacked at the 42-yard line by Isaiah Hodgins of OSU for a loss of nine yards.

4:10 | Punt | OSU 0 – Oregon 7 |

OSU punts the ball on a 4th down at their own 19-yard line. Daniel Rodriguez of OSU kicks for 44 yards. Oregon takes over the ball at their own 44-yard line.

2:06 | Touchdown | OSU 0 – Oregon 14 |

Oregon running back CJ Verdell ran the ball one yard for a touchdown after Oregon completed a 16 yard gain in the previous play. The extra point was good giving Oregon a 14 point lead over OSU with two minutes left in the first quarter.

Second Quarter

14:15 | Missed Field Goal | OSU 0 – Oregon 14 |

After an incomplete pass from the OSU offense at the 22-yard line on the third down, OSU attempts to kick a 44-yard field goal which was no good. Oregon keeps its 14 point lead.

11:16 | Touchdown | OSU 0 – Oregon 21 |

There was a pass interference on the OSU defense which gave Oregon a 15-yard gain and an automatic first down. Tight end Jacob Breeland of Oregon moved the ball up on a 34-yard gain to the 6-yard line. Oregon ran the ball five yards to the one-yard line. Oregon running back CJ Verdell then ran the ball one yard for the score. The extra point kick was good giving Oregon a 21 point lead over OSU.

10:52 | Kick return

Champ Flemings of OSU ran up the midfield on a kick return to gain 55 yards. OSU will start with the ball at the Oregon 46-yard line. 

7:55 | Interception |OSU 0 – Oregon 21|

OSU Quarterback Jake Luton passed the ball to Isaiah Hodgins for a 24-yard gain that brought OSU to the 6-yard line. Luton then threw an interception in the end zone as the ball was deflected by the Oregon defense and caught by Nick Pickett of UO. A flag was thrown for excessive celebration by Oregon. Oregon started with the ball on their own 10-yard line. 

4:09 | Punt | OSU 0 – Oregon 21 |

After a couple of first downs, Oregon kicked the ball 34 yards on a punt. OSU starts with the ball at their own 30-yard line.

0:39 | Field Goal | OSU 3 – Oregon 21 |

OSU Quarterback Jake Luton threw for a pass to Isaiah Hodgins which resulted in a loss of 8 yards bringing OSU to 4th and 21. OSU kicked a 45-yard field goal which was good by OSU kicker Jordan Choukair.

Halftime | OSU 3 – Oregon 21 |

Third Quarter

9:33 | Touchdown | OSU 3 – Oregon 28 |

Oregon Running back CJ Verdell rushed the ball 33 yards to get the ball to the OSU 17-yard line. Oregon running back Travis Dye ran the ball 15 yards to get a touchdown. The extra point kick was good, giving Oregon a 25 point lead in the third.

8:33 | Touchdown | OSU 9 – Oregon 28 |

OSU Quarterback Jake Luton completed a 41-yard pass to Trevon Bradford which got OSU to Oregon’s 22-yard line. Luton then threw a 22-yard pass to wide receiver Timmy Hernandez who caught the ball in the end zone. After a challenge, the ball was verified to be in possession before Hernandez stepped out of bounds, allowing OSU to score their first touchdown of the game. The extra point kick was no good.

6:42 | Punt | OSU 9 – Oregon 28 |

After not being able to get a first down, Oregon punted the ball away for 38 yards. OSU will start at their 20-yard line with possession of the ball. 

5:24 | Fumble | OSU 9 – Oregon 28 |

OSU fumbles the ball after OSU Quarterback Jake Luton attempts a backwards pitch. There was a loss of 26 yards and the ball was recovered by Oregon’s Gus Cumberlander. Oregon started with the ball on the 23-yard line.

3:29 | Touchdown | OSU 9 – Oregon 34 |

After OSU previously fumbled the ball. The Oregon offense drove the ball down the field. CJ Verdell then ran the ball 14 yards to get his third touchdown of the game. Oregon attempted a two-point conversion which was incomplete. Oregon leads the game with 34 points. 

2:06 | Punt | OSU 9 – Oregon 34 |

OSU punts the ball 56 yards. There was a loss of 15 yards by Oregon on the return. 

Fourth Quarter

13:00 | Punt | OSU 9 – Oregon 34 |

Oregon punts the ball 21 yards. It went out of bounds at the 20-yard line. OSU starts with the ball at their own 20-yard line with 1st and 10. 

10:54 | Interception for a touchdown | OSU 9 – Oregon 41 |

OSU’s Quarterback Jake Luton threw a pass that was intercepted by Oregon’s Thomas Graham who ran it back for 38 yards to score a touchdown. The extra point kick was good extending Oregon’s lead to 41.

8:09 | Touchdown | OSU 9 – Oregon 48 |

Oregon running back Travis Dye ran the ball 39 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point kick was good. Oregon leads with 48 points in the fourth quarter. 

8:03 | Interception | OSU 9 – Oregon 48 |

OSU throws an interception that was caught by Oregon’s Thomas Graham. Oregon gets control of the ball at OSU’s 22-yard line.

3:50 | Touchdown | OSU 9 – Oregon 55 |

Oregon running back CJ Verdell rushes the ball into the end zone from OSU’s one-yard line to get a touchdown. Oregon now has a margin of 46 points over OSU.

0:16 | Touchdown OSU | OSU 15 – Oregon 55 |

Jake Luton throws to Timmy Hernandez for a 31-yard pass into the end zone, giving OSU its second touchdown of the game. OSU had a bad snap which resulted in a loss of yards and no points when attempting for an extra point. 


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