Live Game Updates: OSU Women’s Soccer vs. Arizona State

Ryan Byrne, Sports Contributor

Location: Paul Lorenz Field, Corvallis Ore. 

Kickoff: 1 p.m.

1st Half

5:31 | Goal made | OSU 0 – ASU 1

ASU forward Casey Martinez earns a goal off a free kick from her fellow teammate. 

21:54 | Shot

OSU Forward Mckenzie Wienhert had a shot on goal that sailed over the net, off the pass from forward Taylor Lemmond.

28:35 | Free Kick

OSU defender Ashleigh Fonsen sent a cross into the box off a free kick, that forward Taylor Lemmond headed at the goal, resulting in a save by Arizona State’s keeper.

30:51 | Shot

ASU forward Nicole Douglas had two shots at the goalie, both saved by OSU goalkeeper Bridgette Skiba. 

32:20 | Goal made | OSU 0 – ASU 2

Goal made by ASU forward Nicole Douglas.

37:03 | Goal made | OSU 0 – ASU 3 

Goal made by Christina Edwards off of the assist from Casey Martinez, Edwards first goal of the season. 

Halftime Stats 


McKenzie Weinhert – 2 shots

Taylor Lemmond – 1 shot 


Nicole Douglas – 3 shots 

Christina Edwards – 3 shots

Casey Martinez – 1 shot

2nd Half 

51:40 | Offside

Offside called on Arizona State on an attempted through ball.

54:40 | Shot

OSU midfielder Mylene Gorzynski attempted a shot from the top of the box, which resulted in a save and a corner kick. Corner was deflected away by an ASU defender. 

62:22 | Cornerkick 

The ASU corner was delivered by forward Jemma Purfield, it resulted in a deflection out of bounds.

66:41 | Shot

Shot off of a free kick by ASU forward Marleen Schimmer that was saved by OSU keeper Bridgette Skiba.

71:21 | Goal Made | OSU 0 – ASU 4

ASU forward Marlene Schimmer scores on close range score off a pass from midfielder Eva Van Duersen.

74:02 | Shot

Shot attempted by midfielder Ally Pantuso via a cross from forward McKenzie Weinhert.

84:13 | Shot 

Shot by ASU forward Olive Jones via a cornerback saved by OSU keeper Bridgette Skiba. 

Final | OSU 0 – ASU 4

Tough loss on senior night with ASU netting four goals. Oregon State had a total of six shots, two coming from redshirt freshman forward McKenzie Weinert. Freshman goalkeeper Bridgette Skiba had five saves, the Beavers will play their last game of the season against rivals University of Oregon, Nov. 2. The Civil War will take place at the University of Oregon.

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