Craft Center offers free membership for students

“Pyrography, Raku firing, Aizome indigo dying, precious metal clay sculpting, borosilicate torchwork, 3-D modeling and printing and more. The OSU Craft Center is a creative space for students, staff/faculty and community members, designed to maximize creative capacity and foster well-being,” former Craft Center Outreach Coordinator Kimberly Preston said. 

The OSU Craft Center is an art studio housed on the basement floor of the Student Experience Center. There, the whole Corvallis community can access craft materials and instructional courses for all skill levels. The Craft Center is equipped with supplies and equipment for many different mediums including jewelry, glass, ceramics, fiber arts, and more. 

Previously, the Craft Center has charged all members a membership fee, in addition to charges for any courses. However, the center was awarded a grant this year that has allowed them to offer free memberships for current OSU students. 

The staff at the Craft Center hope that this development will allow more students to connect with them and enjoy making art. 

“Having a creative outlet is beneficial to everyone, especially students. It gives you something to work on other than school, you can work on goals and time management. You can do something with your hands and make something that is really tangible in a way that is mentally fulfilling,” Jules Weiss, the current Craft Center

Outreach Coordinator, said. 


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