Corvallis Clinic no longer offers drive-through COVID-19 vaccines, continuing in-clinic vaccinations

The Corvallis Clinic is continuing to administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, following a clinic-held drive-through event which proved to be successful, and until another vaccination event of this nature, TCC will continue to vaccinate in-clinic. 

The vaccine is only authorized for use in individuals 18 years of age and older. Patients can sign up for the first dose online or by calling the clinic directly at 541-754-1266. The second dose will be scheduled at the first appointment. 

If patients have COVID-19 symptoms, they are encouraged to call the clinic before entering. The Corvallis Clinic’s nurse triage or care team will evaluate symptoms and patients will be routed to appropriate care and testing. 

The Immediate Care Center will also see persons with potential COVID-19 symptoms, or patients can schedule a virtual telemedicine appointment with one of The Corvallis Clinic’s QuickCare providers. 

Mona Goudarzian, marketing and communications manager for The Corvallis Clinic said via email that the Clinic’s drive-through clinic was very successful. 

“We followed a similar format as we did for our drive-thru flu vaccination clinic that we held last fall for the first time, and it helped pave the way for our COVID-19 drive-through clinic when we held it a couple of weeks ago,” Goudarzian said. “We are now doing the vaccinations in-clinic.”

The drive-thru clinic was intended to be only a single instance clinic. There are currently no plans to return the drive-thru clinic. 

“By integrating the administering of the vaccine process, we have more support with staffing and infrastructure,” Goudarzian said. “Variability in weather was also a factor.”

Tavis Cowan, M.D. Occupational Medicine, is one of The Corvallis Clinic’s healthcare providers, and supports the use of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Years ago, I chose to apply myself to the support of health and safety in my patients and my community. Decreasing the risk of transmitting this virus is vital,” Cowan said in an email statement.We have lost over 400,000 Americans, and many others have suffered or are suffering from this disease. “Data from appropriate vaccine trials and current practice show the vaccines to be safe and effective, although my arm was sore for a couple of days. This layer of protection will help keep us healthy and assist in returning to more normal lives.”

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