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Gunnar Boag, Sports Contributor

Students compete in nine different races at Whyte Track.

With a chance to show off speed and stamina, students laced up their spikes and headed to Whyte Track for the annual Intramural Track Meet on Saturday.

The meet had around 25 athletes participating. There were no field events included, but students could participate in any of the nine track events. Students also received free snack bars as Gatorade sponsored the event.

The first race of the day was the 4×100 meter relay. The race came down to the wire, ending with a literal photo finish. After checking the instant replay, Daniel Trinh, Justin Moss, Devin Distant and Cam Vansant were awarded the narrow victory.

“I heard his breathing right next to me for the final stretch and I made sure to stick my head out at the end,” Trinh said. “I think I won by just a hair.”

Natally Okhovat, Kenon Kahoano, Jenna Scheeland, and Alec Carmona were awarded the title for the CoRec 4×100 relay.

For the 1500-meter race, Jonathan Fookes was able to beat out the competition and take home the title.

The 100-meter sprint was up third, and it was the most attended event of the day. There were two heats, with the top two sprinters from each heat moving to the finals. The runners were neck and neck in the final, but Minato Holman came away victorious after rolling into the finish line.

“The only way to finish is to tumble into the finish line,” Holman said.

For the women’s 100-meter sprint, Okhovat claimed her second victory of the day over Scheeland.

In the 800-meter race, Gunnar Boag and Isaac Kulonis trudged through the two laps almost evenly, but Boag prevailed in the end.

For the 400-meter dash, it came down to the last 100 meters. Joey Fraser and Lyubo Gankov were shoulder to shoulder, but Gankov turned on the afterburners and closed out the victory.

“I hadn’t run the 400 in two years, so I suffered for it,” Gankov said. “But it was still fun.”

Next up was the 4×200 meter relay race. Trinh, Moss, Distant and Vansant picked up their second relay title of the day in a landslide victory.

With everyone exhausted from the previous races, only a few brave souls stepped up for the 3000-meter race. Logan Dickey finished on top, earning the seventh title of the day.

The individual races finished up with the 200-meter dash. The competitors got off to a fast start and were deadlocked for the entire stretch. Distant gained a slight lead and was able to hold it all the way into the finish line, earning his first individual title of the day.

Scheeland and Okhovat met again in the women’s 200-meter dash. This time Scheeland got the better of Okhovat and pulled away for the victory.

The meet ended on the 4×400 relay, and what a way to end it. Two teams competed in the race and they could not seem to get separation from one another. Anchors Daniel Trinh and Kulonis used their last bits of energy, but Kulonis pulled off the miraculous photo-finish victory.

“I was thinking of every track coach I’ve ever had, their voices ringing in my head.” Kulonis said. “Why reach for the stars when you can reach for the finish line.”

The next intramural event will be the Sand Volleyball Doubles Tournament. The tournament will take place June 2-3, so get your partner and sign-up soon.


Editor’s note: The reporter of this story, Gunnar Boag, participated in this Intramural event.

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