OSU Board of Trustees opens review of 2019 hiring process

Millicent Durand, News Contributor

Oregon State University Board of Trustees Chair Rani Borkar said the board will be reviewing its 2019 hiring process, which resulted in the hiring of former OSU President, F. King Alexander. 

Alexander, who was President of OSU for a total of 10 months, resigned in April over criticism of his alleged mishandling of Title IX investigations at Louisiana State University.

“The Board will begin its efforts with a retrospective review of the 2019 presidential search process, which will help us set the right course for the next presidential search. It will provide important feedback on what went well in the last search, what did not go according to plan, and what could or should be done differently in the future,” Borkar said in an email to OSU students, faculty and staff on May 4. “I have asked OSU Trustee Paul Kelly to lead the retrospective review. I know he will bring the analytical and practical thinking we need to complete this reflection in a way that best informs us as we set a course for the next search. I am grateful to Paul for stepping into this leadership role.”

The board has also been facing criticism and calls for their resignations following their initial handling of F. King Alexander’s misconduct during a meeting on March 17, where instead of terminating Alexander, they placed him on administrative leave.  

“Results and input from the retrospective will be reviewed at the regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting on May 21, which is the last meeting scheduled of the academic year,” Borkar said. “Preliminary considerations for the next presidential search process will be discussed at this meeting. Additional input and information will continue to be gathered following the May 21 board discussion. The board will discuss further the proposed process and timeline for the search at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting on Oct. 7. It is anticipated that the presidential search will officially begin in fall 2021 to enable students and faculty to participate.” 

Borkar concluded her email by saying she believes that “the most important responsibility of the OSU Board of Trustees is to select the right leader for our great university.”

“I look forward to thoughtful community and Board discussions, as well as the opportunity to affirm our mutual commitment to the values of the university,” Borkar said.

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