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WinCo Foods is located on the corner of Walnut Blvd. and Kings Blvd. and open 24 hours.

Sydney Sullivan, News Contributor

WinCo Foods

Food is an absolute necessity, and when it comes to college supermarkets, WinCo was voted number one by students for Best of Beaver Nation for a reason. 

Do you have money to spend on food and no clue where to go? Well, if savings is the goal, WinCo is the best bang for your buck, according to Noah Fleisher, director of Corporate Communications for WinCo. 

“We call ourselves the supermarket low-price leader and I believe we’ve done

that,” Fleisher said. 

Cutting out the middleman makes prices more convenient for shoppers, and having the store be employee-owned gives WinCo a unique place amongst other competitors, according to Fleisher. 

“From the very top to the very bottom somebody owns a stake in the company and that makes a big difference in how employees treat others,” Fleisher said.

Many people are drawn to WinCo because of their customer service oriented business, according to Fleisher. Not only do people like to shop there, but they like to work there as well. 

“You have a say and you have a voice and that’s a big difference when you have a say in representing the whole company,” Fleisher said. 

There is plenty of representation to be had at WinCo. In fact, the letters in WinCo represent the five states where the store originated, according to Fleisher. When the store first originated in the mid-’80s, WinCo stood for “Winning Company”. Today, WinCo has branched out to more than just the five states and can be found in Arizona, Utah and several others. 

“An inside tip about WinCo is the salt and vinegar wings are really, really

good,” Fleisher said.

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