Vaccination Clinics end, over 6500 students vaccinated

Vaccination Clinics end, over 6500 students vaccinated

The Daily Barometer News Blast | January 14, 2018

MENINGOCOCCAL B: Over 6500 were vaccinated during the clinics this past week. Students who received vaccinations not from the clinic must be sure to properly upload documentation to their student patient portal.

SENATOR WYDEN: Taking questions at a Town Hall in Philomath yesterday, Oregon U.S. Senator Senator Ron Wyden  continued to speak against the Federal Communications Commission’s effort to repeal net neutrality. He also believes the new GOP Tax Bill does little to benefit OSU students.

MLK JR WEEKEND: Oregon State University honors MLK Jr. this weekend by offering opportunities around the community to engage in community service. The MLK Jr. Peace Breakfast will be tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

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