Summer Livin’

The International Living-Learning Center offers housing to summer term students.

Avalon Kelly, News Contributor

There are a variety of reasons students stick around Oregon State University during the summer. With this demand, there are many opportunities for summer housing in Corvallis, from off-campus apartments to on-campus housing through University Housing and Dining Services.

According to Brian Stroup, the director of operations at UHDS, on-campus summer housing can be the solution to many students’ needs. 

“Living on campus for Summer Session can be a particularly attractive alternative to living off campus because there is no need to enter into a lease agreement for an extended length of time,” Stroup said in an email. “UHDS offers flexible, weekly contracts for a room and dining plan to allow students to tailor their stay around their studies.”

According to Stroup, summer housing for OSU students is available in Bloss Hall or in the International Living-Learning Center from June 18 onward. UHDS offers a variety of room styles at a range of prices from $253 to $438 per week. Each weekly fee includes a $68 dining plan, mandatory for each student, and Arnold Dining Center and Cascadia Market cater specifically to Summer Session students. 

Around 360 spaces are available for students in the summer, according to Stroup, and all students who apply are accommodated with plenty of leftover space. 

“We consistently see 200-250 students who attend Summer Session and reside on campus. Many of these students are INTO OSU students and students who want to earn additional credits so that they can graduate sooner,” Stroup said via email. “Many out-of-state students take advantage of the fact that tuition and fees for summer courses are based on in-state prices.”

Beyond the university itself, other options are available for students in need of a home for the summer. The Retreat, an apartment complex located on Southwest Chickadee Street, can serve as an alternative to on-campus housing for students. 

Wyatt Jones, the community assistant and leasing ambassador at The Retreat, described the summer housing options at The Retreat.

“While we may not have a large number of unleased apartments over the summer, we do have a very large number of people looking for their lease to be taken over,” Jones said in an email.

Though The Retreat does not specifically advertise summer leasing, they do have people looking to sublet their rooms over the summer, according to Jones. This provides another resource for students looking for somewhere to live off campus during the summer. 

“Last year, we had over 80 lease transfers from June to end of July, and even more looking to be taken over this summer,” Jones said via email. 

After finding a place to stay, another important step in securing summer housing begins: signing the lease. Sarah Winowiecki, a leasing assistant for Trinity Property Management, has worked with Corvallis students in search of housing for over ten years. 

“Always talk to property manager first when getting a sublease,” Winowiecki said. “Make sure you inspect the unit in writing and take pictures to protect yourself from any problems later.” 

If trouble does arise, Winowiecki mentioned two resources available to OSU students: the Associated Students of OSU Student Legal Services and the City of Corvallis Rental Housing Program. Both of these groups can assist students with settling issues that may arise when subleasing. According to Winowiecki, calling any local property management company can also help students straighten out these issues.

“It really is our job to help people and students find housing,” Winowiecki said. “We are more than happy to help people out when we can.”

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