Last-minute Dam Jam switch occurs

The Dam Jam stage will be directly in front of the Memorial Union building. Merchandise and food will be sold on the North side of the quad.

The Baro Staff

Marc E. Bassy will be replacing headliner Skizzy Mars for this year’s June Dam Jam lineup. 

On the EventBrite ticket website, in the fine print under the comment section, there was a post explaining the switch.

“Due to health concerns, Skizzy Mars is unable to perform at Dam Jam 2017. We wish him well and hope he gets better soon! Please welcome Marc E. Bassy to the Dam Jam lineup,” the website said.

Students had already been confused about the Dam Jam lineup when the headliners on the winter ballot were not selected as the final choice. Some students had not heard about the recent switch until asked about it.

Austin Sanders, a third-year student and biology major, had an emphatic opinion on the situation. He was shocked to learn about it.

“I was really stoked for Skizzy Mars,” Sanders said. “I’m more annoyed at the fact that things keep changing with a lineup that wasn’t chosen off of the ballots.”

Though Sanders was enthusiastic about having Skizzy Mars headline, he understands the change to Bassy.

“I know his name and have heard a few of his songs, but I won’t be able to sing along to every song,” Sanders said.

According to Sanders, he is still excited to see all three headliners perform, and he wishes Skizzy Mars the best in his recovery.

Logan Schieno is a fourth-year new media communications major and radio DJ for KBVR. Schieno thinks that it’s a ‘good contrast,’ in that the selected artists will be giving the concert more variety, reaching a wider range of listeners.

“I’m happier with Bassy. He has happy vibes and I find myself playing more of his music on my radio show than Skizzy Mars,” Schieno said.

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