Suds and Suds offers over 50 types of beer

Geoff Wildish, News Contributor

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Suds & Suds offers over 50 types of beer

With over 50 different types of draft, micro and imported beers to choose from, it’s difficult to find something not to like at Suds & Suds. According to bartender Britney Sellers, Suds & Suds was named for the ability to do laundry and grab a beer while waiting. Their laundry room hasn’t been in operation for over 10 years, but the name lived on. Patrons can instead enjoy a hot slice of pizza courtesy of Woodstock’s Pizza Parlor located in the same building. Place an order at Woodstock’s and walk down the hall to Suds & Suds and wait until the bartender calls your name. Suds & Suds is cash only and located on Kings Street, a block north of Fred Meyer. It is open 11 a.m. to midnight everyday and until 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

When asked why she likes to work at Suds & Suds, Sellers said “Suds & Suds is kind of like Cheers, all of your friends are here.” This friendly atmosphere can be attributed to its hole-in-the-wall nature. The name “Suds & Suds” appears nowhere on the outside of the building and the neon beer signs illuminating the windows are the only indication that a bar exists. Oregon State University students come to Suds & Suds to escape the busy campus bars and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. On sunny days students and locals alike come together and enjoy the outside patio uncommon among Corvallis bars.

Doug & Jana Tindall have been coming to Suds & Suds for almost five years since moving to Corvallis. When asked what keeps Doug and Jana they immediately pointed to the bartender Britney. It is clear the staff is what makes Suds & Suds unique. Doug added, “the cliental and the people are great, and the beer is better.” Doug and Jana’s beer of choice was the Breakside Brewing IPA. Alex Peters, a representative of Two Towns Cider added that Suds & Suds is, “a local community watering hole at a convenient location.” Suds & Suds’ location is great for locals. Locals can grab a pizza at Woodstock’s, groceries at Fred Meyer, and a workout at the adjacent gym all within walking distance. Customers can by a friend a drink using the Buddy Board. The Buddy Board is a whiteboard used for tracking drinks paid for in advance by a friend. These drinks expire after a month and contribute to the friendly culture at Suds & Suds.

While the service is impressive, the beer selection at Suds & Suds is why they standout among other Corvallis bars. With 32 rotating taps and 50 beers and ciders offered, Suds and Suds focuses on “mostly Oregon beer because Oregon has great IPAs,” according to Britney. While IPAs are popular, the knowledgeable staff can help you find anything to fit your tastes. Each week customers return to try new beers and hang out with friends. If customers are feeling brave they can attempt the around the world challenge. To complete the challenge patrons must try every beer offered numbered one through fifty. The reward for achieving this great feat is having the customer’s name forever engraved on a plaque on the wall.

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