Meet the ASOSU lobbyists: Luke Bennett

Luke Bennett is a sophomore studying German and education.

Riley Youngman, Editor-in-Chief

Luke Bennett

  • Pronouns: He, Him, His
  • Year: 2nd
  • Major: German and Education

Luke Bennett grew up in Oregon. Originally from the town of Cottage Grove, Bennett grew up a University of Oregon Ducks fan, but eventually converted once he came to OSU.

Bennett feels the lobby trip creates an opportunity for students to have a voice in their government. He is excited to represent Oregon State University in Washington D.C., but more so the interests of students.

“In a time that has seen a substantial amount of activism, it’s vital that we listen to students and their concerns, and communicate those concerns to our lawmakers,” Bennett said. “With legislators creating legislation that affects students, the student’s input should not be overlooked.”

Bennett has been involved in student government since high school. At OSU, he has involved himself in a number of organizations including ASOSU. Bennett has helped with the Vote OR Vote campaign, phone banking, providing testimony for Oregon legislation and helping coordinate events within ASOSU. He is also a resident assistant on campus in Halsell Hall.

Bennett likes to think of himself as fairly outgoing, and willing to try new things. He also has a twin brother named Justin who also goes to OSU.

While in D.C., Bennett will focus on issues centered around college affordability with Senate Bill 900 and Senate Bill 856, which focuses on sexual assault prevention and awareness on college campuses.

“I’m very passionate about cultural competency and college affordability. These issues affect all of us,” Bennett said. “Specifically, what are the ways that we can provide more oversight and training in cultural competency, and of course, what are ways that we can reduce college costs for students?”

Bennett plans to use the trip as an opportunity to bring about change.

“I’m excited to be able to represent the interests of students in D.C. Therefore, I’m very excited to meet with our legislators, and communicate to them the importance of our issues, especially in relation to college affordability,” Bennett said. “On a different note, I’ve never been to D.C., so I’m excited to see and experience the history of our country!”

Bennett is on the sub-lobby team with Jacqueline Logsdon and Ryan Khalife.

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