Interzone carries wide selection of organic coffee, tea

Interzone took first place in the best of weekend hangout spot category. 

Katie Darke Orange Media Network

On a weekday afternoon, amidst outdoor cast iron tables painted in whimsical colors, a scholarly-looking man reads the newspaper and a fellow with a long grey beard has a chat with a young man in a red t-shirt. Inside, a group of students collaborate on a project.

This mingling of people isn’t uncommon for an afternoon at Interzone. This locally-owned shop has a wide selection of organic coffee, tea, and homemade pastries and dishes—perfect fuel for a chill study session or a last-minute midterm cram.

Interzone is a student favorite for more reasons than its convenient location. The coffee shop is open starting at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday until midnight every day, making it a great hotspot for early birds and night owls alike.

Interzone has free Wi-Fi for customers, great for students looking for a cozy study spot along with their cup of coffee, espresso, tea or scone.

“Interzone is like a resource for campus,” said Sydney Henderson, an employee at Interzone.

According to Henderson, she has been working at Interzone on and off for four years and loves the experience. She most enjoys the chance to interact with different people every day and learn about the unique things they’re a part of.

“You get to be a fixture of the community,” Henderson said. “Working here is like vicariously living through the whole campus.”

Henderson loves the work environment at Interzone, but she’s also a big fan of its menu.

“I love coffee,” Henderson said. “I might be biased but Interzone has some of the best coffee in Corvallis.”

The menu is full of various drinks and eats and is completely vegetarian with several vegan options. Pastries are baked fresh every morning and many options on the menu are completely organic. Some customer favorites sure to please are the avocado sandwich, the honey cardamom latte and a cup of espresso, according to Henderson.

With its bright walls featuring funky murals and its mish mash set of coffee mugs, Interzone serves up an eclectic vibe with the drinks. Lynne Sabourin, an employee for Interzone, said the atmosphere is casual and cozy.

The environment can also be musical. From a worker singing along to tunes behind the counter to customer Terry Rafferty strumming his guitar on the outside patio, Interzone is a hub for musicians as well as coffee lovers.

“It’s been therapeutic coming here,” Rafferty said. “This place is like a home away from home.”

According to Rafferty, he has met several of his friends, often other musicians, at Interzone.

“[Interzone] is relaxing, accepting, and comfortable,” Rafferty said.

According to Sabourin, she often spots job interviews taking place at Interzone in addition to friendly hangouts and study sessions.

“I like that [Interzone is] like a community center. Lots of different people come here to meet,” Sabourin said.

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