Joy Run provides some students with food delivery, others with quick cash

Valerie Maule, Multimedia Contributor

Looking for a way to make a quick buck? Wanting to get food but not wanting to leave the couch to do so?

Well, a new app is in town, and it is called Joy Run.

Joy Run is a mobile app that allows community members to either request for a meal to be picked up or be the person who picks up the food and gets paid. It’s a way put some change in the pockets or get some food delivered for those late-night study sessions.

Psychology student Josi Philippe started using the app a few days ago. He saw an opportunity to make a few bucks and thought it would be cool to try it out; the app did not fail his expectations.

“I think it’s awesome; I think it’s, like, simple enough to be user-friendly for the runners and people ordering and it’s still a really cool design,” said Philippe.

David Yun, who was at a stand promoting the app in front of Arnold Dining Center, explains that it is a really great way for people to order food and, with it, build a community. He said not only does it help students out by making some money on the side, it is also very convenient for people to have food be delivered at a reasonable price.

“I really enjoy it; I remember when I was in the dorms as a freshman I was just trying to order food and a lot of places will charge. I think Munchies charges like 10-15 percent. So it’s like way too much,” Yun said.

Bioengineering student Evan Benson, who requested some food to be picked up, found that he liked the idea behind the app, and found it interesting that he wouldn’t have to leave to get food. Overall he found that it was very fast to use and plans to use the app in the future.

Despite the positives of the app, there were still some issues with it.

“I like the idea behind it, although I wish it was a little bit more user-friendly. Just about the set-up and kind of the whole payment method, also the taxes and fees that were added on, it would have been nice if it had explained that ahead of time but not after you paid,” said Benson.

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