Meet the ASOSU lobbyists: David Lax

David Lax is a sophomore in chemical engineering and is the president of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

Riley Youngman, Editor-in-Chief

David Lax

  • Pronouns: He, Him, His
  • Year: 2nd
  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Title: President of Pi Kappa Phi

Lax is from Danville, California, but was born in New York. After joining Pi Kappa Phi fraternity as a freshman at Oregon State University, his high level of involvement and commitment to better his organization led him to become the president this year.

The direct opportunity to advocate for change in issues facing many students here at OSU drew him to apply for the lobby trip.

“D.C is the pinnacle of the political landscape in America, excited to be in the atmosphere there and experience the museums and monuments,” Lax said.

Although Lax does not have a lot of experience with activism, he was involved in the House of Representatives in ASOSU his first year at OSU.

Lax is most passionate about the issue of sexual assault and how proactive preventive education on college campuses can reduce the risk of sexual assaults from happening. He is also passionate about the issue of student loans, and how her perceives universities and government are setting students up for failure.

“I am passionate about sexual assault prevention for a variety of reasons. I am president of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity here at OSU,” Lax said. “As a leader of Fraternity men statistically more involved in sexual assaults, and being responsible for my members and guests, I want to see more of an effort by the government to implement educational programs for sexual assault.”

As a facilitator for the Beavers Give A Dam bystander intervention at OSU, Lax sees the value in preventative education on sexual assault for students.

For the lobby trip, Lax enjoyed being in the nation’s capitol in a time of immense political conversation and enjoyed meeting with Oregon’s legislators to lobby for student related issues.

Lax was on the sub-lobby team with Anesat León Guerrero and Josey Koehn.

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