OSU Board of Trustees schedules second tuition meeting in April

Protesters interrupted the first meeting, forcing a second.

The OSU Board of Trustees will reconvene on Friday, April 21st to discuss changes in tuition and the fiscal year 2018 university budget, according to ASOSU Vice President Brett Morgan. The Board had previously met on Friday, March 17th, but the meeting was adjourned due to student protests.

Student activists interrupted the original meeting with chants including demands for decreases in administrators’ salaries. For The Barometer’s full coverage of the meeting and protest, click here.

ASOSU President Rachel Grisham gave her reaction via email to the news that the second meeting had been scheduled for spring term rather than over spring break, as had been considered after the first meeting.

“I am happy to hear that the meeting did not occur (yet) and was not scheduled while students are typically busy,” Grisham said. “I think the time between the meetings may also provide for Trustees to have more time to consider all potential tuition scenarios and all of the feedback that they have received.”

Secretary of the Board Debbie Colbert explained the reasoning behind the date of the second meeting via email.

“It worked best for the majority of trustees and key presenters. This date also does not conflict with key times in the academic calendar such as spring break or final exams,” Colbert said.

The Board will converse via phone, with a listening line available for the public, according to Morgan. 

Grisham expressed her hopes for the April meeting. 

“As the President of ASOSU, it is my job to endorse the resolution that we as a student government passed a few weeks ago, which is a resolution requesting a tuition freeze or a 0% impact on tuition to students,” Grisham said. “That is what I believe the majority of students want to see and therefore that is what I will stand by.”

This is an ongoing story and will be updated as it develops.

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