ASOSU presidential campaigns talk strategy

Voting will take place online from Thursday, March 9 to Friday, March 10.

Rosie Morehead, Multimedia Contributor

Campaign week is here, and the tickets for the ASOSU Presidency are making their rounds throughout campus.

With the campaign season lasting only 10 days, the three president and vice president pairs (Radhika Shah and Simon Brundage, Jacqueline Logsdon and Josey Koehn, and Hevani Fifita and Hunter Briggs) are each taking different approaches to spread their ideas, goals and values.

Briggs and Fifita’s approach includes a lot of listening and asking what the students want.

“What we really want to do is ‘word of mouth’. We really want to get into clubs and student groups and buildings and be physically in that space, and talk with the students and ask them what they want,” Fifita said. “Our big thing is what the students want and hearing their voices.”

Briggs also explained that their experience working in the Diversity and Cultural Engagement Center has helped them prepare for the campaign.

“A lot of the work we do already is essentially campaign work, we always promote for events and we are constantly planning events in DCE,” Briggs said. “We are constantly in contact with a ton of different people who work either in our department or outside our department. We are going to tap into those existing channels.”

Shah and Brundage emphasized that they don’t want to be seen in just one area of campus.

“We want to make sure we are not just accessible to just one demographic, but every demographic and student,” Brundage said. “Also, making sure that everyone feels equally represented and everybody has an equal voice (in) shaping our campaign.”

Along with that, Shah wants to make sure she specifically reaches out to people on campus who haven’t had the best relationship with ASOSU.

“I am specifically reaching out to those people and instead of making it seem that we are imposing thoughts upon them, I want to become more immersed in their community, again break down those barriers, and have them more involved in this process as well,” Shah said.

Logsdon discussed how working with the Vote or Vote registration drive helped put her and Koehn’s faces out to the public.

“I think we already have really great visibility on campus because of that and I think that is something that Josey and I thrive at. We are really personable, really friendly,” Logsdon said. “So I think the backbone of our campaign is actually getting out there and talking to students.”

Koehn echoed her running mate’s sentiments.

“Connecting with people on a grassroots level and just really getting to know them and know who we would be representing, if that does happen,” Koehn said.

The last day for campaigning for these three teams is on Wednesday, March 8. Voting will be online and begin on Thursday, March 9 and end Friday, March 10.

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