Dam Good Love

Brett McFarland and Jill Sherman at their wedding. Brett and Jill met at Oregon State University.

Jacquie Gamelgaard, OMN Photographer

An education was not all that these OSU alumni couples left with after graduation


Brett McFarland and Jill Sherman

Brett McFarland and Jill Sherman met in a ceramics class and didn’t get together until two years later when they happened to take the same math classes their senior year. 

Being an adventurous couple, they talked about getting married on their post-graduation bike trip to Baja in January of 86, but according to Jill, it turned out to be more adventurous than romantic because they were usually sweaty, dirty and tired. 

The two eventually tied the knot on a kayak trip in Alaska that same year. Soon after, they moved to Orcas Island where they opened “WildLife Cycles,” a bike shop they ran for 20 years. 

For the last 10 years, they’ve been working at the high schools on Orcas where Jill teaches math and Brett teaches applied physics. So far, the two have been together for over 30 years. As a sort of mid-life crisis, Jill says, they’ve recently formed a rock band to reminisce their youth.


Candice and Matt Eide

Candice and Matt Eide met during their freshman winter terms when Candice’s sorority, Chi Omega, had a function with Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. 

With a burst of courage, Matt asked Candice to dance and they hung out for the rest of the evening. They started exclusively dating junior year, and while Candice says it took a while for Matt to “pop the question,” they were married in 1993. 

For Valentine’s Day, Matt is treating Candice to a spa and then they will have dinner together. They have been married for 23 years.

”We both just knew we would end up together from that very first night. We love going back to that college atmosphere, and visiting where we have so many great memories and where we fell in love,” they said.


Kacey and Collin Turner

Kacey and Collin Turner met in a world religions class in the spring of 2008. They sat by one another the first day of class and sat in the same spots for the rest of the term. 

Kacey says that class and Facebook banter was the only action occurring at that time. However, they ran into each other that next fall. Collin asked Kacey for her number, and soon enough, they went on their first date at Francesco’s Gelato. 

According to Kacey, they talked for so long that the restaurant had to kick them out so they could close. By the end of their date, Collin asked Kacey, “this is going to work, isn’t it?” 

They were officially together the next week. They are now happily married and have a baby named Miles, and will be sharing Valentine’s Day together as a family this year. 

“I now have two valentines so I’m feeling very lucky,” Kacey said.



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