Death by Donutz brings new flavors to Corvallis

The familiar hot dog shop on Monroe Avenue known as Roxy Dawgs got a makeover over winter break, changing it’s spotlight to doughnuts and switching it’s main name to Death by Donutz.

“I worked in a doughnut shop when I was in college” said owner Curtis Fisher. “Corvallis hasn’t had a traditional doughnut shop for half a decade, so I figured it would be a good fit”

The interior of the shop has also changed, now featuring new darker stylings and large display case featuring a plethora of doughnuts to choose from. The menu has everything from tried and true classics to “Designer Donutz”, such as lemon drop doughnuts and raspberry-filled skulls.

“Raised doughnuts, old fashioned doughnuts,” said Fisher. “There’s five or six different doughnuts that I would consider traditional doughnuts, so we do all the classic flavors plus some funky stuff”

Despite changing their focus from hot dogs to doughnuts, the eatery will still serve their well know hot dogs at meal times from a walk up window facing 14th St.

“We still do almost all the dogs out the window,” Fisher said. “You can still grab your BCS dogs- anything we had at Roxy Dawgs we still have.”

Those that still want the full Roxy Dawgs experience are encouraged to visit Roxy Dawg’s Salem location, which is a full service restaurant similar to the original Corvallis location.

Many of the employees that worked at Roxy Dawgs continue to work at Death by Donutz including Amber Webb, a sociology student at OSU.

“I love it. I think it is really exciting and it is definitely something students can look forward to–come get a doughnut or come get a dog for lunch,” Webb said. “My favorite part of my job is being able to decorate the doughnuts everyday. I made the designer doughnuts today and I’ll frost and sprinkle the other doughnuts; it is just really fun.” 

“I am glad they kept the dogs in addition to the doughnuts,” said civil engineering student Devon Jarmer. “I can definitely see myself getting doughnuts and coffee before class.”

Additional information, including prices and hours, can be found on the respective Facebook pages for business’ and at their website at and Death by Donutz can also be reached at 541-207-3351.

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