Relieving Stress Through Art at Mandala Mondays

Providing fun in a stress-free environment, Mandala Mondays offer students the opportunity to relax and color while taking a break from their studies.

Mandala Mondays are hosted by the Craft Center every Monday afternoon in the Student Experience Center.

Fourth year agriculture and sustainability student Sage Zahorodni works at the front desk and explains what Mandala Mondays are and how simple it is.  

“Mandala Mondays are one of our three free, weekly events. It happens from one to three on Mondays; it’s free to any student who wants to come and have a little bit of a break and just color and relax,” Zahorodni said. “It’s open and free to everyone. Just come to the craft center 1-3 p.m. on Mondays. Come and color and relax.”

Susan Bourque, who has been the managing editor of the craft center for 13 years created this fun activity and discussed how it led to another day activities at the Craft Center for students.

“We have been adding each year something new and we eventually want Monday through Friday covered with free events for students every day,” Bourque said. “I wanted to see what we can do to bring another creative outlet that’s free for students. I saw that coloring was starting to trend a little and we came up with Mandala Monday.”

Bourque explains that the purpose of Mandala Mondays is for students with stress. The program is partnered with CAPS, so Bourque explains how it is meant to help relax and destress.

“On occasion we do a survey, what was your stress level before and what was your stress level after. They get in the zone and the hardest thing is ‘what color should I do’ and that’s a good thing where you are not just stressing how it’s going to come out,” Bourque said. “This way I think there is not a whole lot of decision making, anything they do is going to be successful and look nice.”

Zahorodni speaks up on why the Craft Center and Mandala Mondays are great for students that are strapped for money.

“I really like Mandala Mondays and all of our free activities because students are on a tight budget. I feel like everyone needs a creative outlet, especially when school is so stressful, so it’s really great that students can come in and have that,” Zahorodni said.

Fourth year biochemistry major Kim Tran actually started going to Watercolor Wednesday last term and decided to check out the new Mandala Monday.

“I heard about it from the posters around campus. It’s really nice because it is right in between my classes this term so I get a break which is nice. I like coming alone because it is really relaxing,” Tran said.

Bourque illustrates that Mandala Monday is a great sources for students and a chance to be creative.

“We want to do something that gives students a creative outlet. Spread the word, tell your friends, come alone, come with a group. The comfort level of coming and going is easy,” Bourque said.    


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