Voting for DAM JAM headliner closes on Wednesday night

Hannah Loh, Multimedia Contributor

It’s bigger. It’s better. It’s back.

One of OSU’s most anticipated events is currently being planned, and the Oregon State University Program Council (OSUPC) is welcoming student input. 

DAM JAM is the annual music festival organized by OSUPC (previously MUPC) that attracts thousands of students from OSU and other universities, in the past featuring popular artists such as Mike Posner, Macklemore and B.O.B.

Although the overall experience plays a huge role in the successful turnout, the headliner is a significant factor that drives students to attend the concert. This is why OSUPC sees the importance in allowing student voices when selecting the artist.

This polling for this year’s headliners has been going on since yesterday and will close tomorrow at 11:59 pm. The top 5 choices for students to choose from are: Jon Bellion, Cashmere Cat, Charli XCX, Jeremih and Mac Miller. The artists were selected based on price point, availability and the results of the genre poll that was conducted Fall term.

OSUPC’s Music and Concerts Coordinators Zack Simmons and Delaney Stock explained their reason for the choices:

“The hip hop/rap artists are what a lot of students enjoy, and it really gets the hype going. All these options reflect what students wanted from the genre poll,” said Stock.

“We also tried really hard this year to bring in up and coming, as well as more recent artists compared to previous years,” said Simmons. “It’s a big goal for us.”

They also mentioned that there has never been a female artist on the top 5 list before, making Charli XCX the first.

OSUPC opens their polling early on in the year to bring excitement to students and to avoid selecting a top artist that is already completely booked. The response this year has been “absolutely incredible” and “honestly mind-blowing,” according to Stock.

About 1000 students responded within the first couple hours, making it the highest number of voters ever. Simmons and Stock are happy with the response, as they hope to get as much of the student population as possible involved in the artist selection process.

“The options look pretty lit,” said Ryan McDowell, a senior in Business Information Systems, expressing his excitement about this year’s options. “I’m definitely looking forward to attending this year’s DAM JAM no matter which artist from this list gets selected.”

Simmons and Stock’s goal is to pick the best artist and sell out all of the student and nonstudent tickets, aiming for about 9,000 people to attend.

If you haven’t voted, head on over to to cast your vote before 11:59 pm tomorrow.

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