ASOSU past, present members call for Alexander’s resignation

The Associated Students of Oregon State University sign hangs in the ASOSU office.

Editor’s Note: Content warning—story contains mention of sexual harassment and assault.

A letter has been written calling the resignation of Oregon State University President, F. King Alexander, including eight signatures from previous student body presidents, the current president, Isabel Nunez Perez, and president-elect Dhru Patel.

In addition to its publication, the letter will be read aloud during the board of trustees meeting on March 17. 

Associated Students of Oregon State University is the student body government of Oregon State . It provides services such as Safe Ride and Legal Services, but also sets student fee levels for the university. 

Alexander is currently facing criticism for how he allegedly handled Title IX violations at Louisiana State University after the release of a report by law firm Husch Blackwell

“Today we write to you as past and current Associated Students of Oregon State University presidents, vice presidents, speakers of the house, senators, representatives, [Student Fee Committee] chairs, SFC members and former board of trustees members on the controversy surrounding current OSU President F. King Alexander,” The letter begins. “In the past weeks, a report from the law firm Husch Blackwell and reporting from USA Today has made it clear that, while Alexander served as president of Louisiana State University, he systematically ignored and delayed addressing rampant sexual violence in LSU’s football program and its campus.”

Also signing the letter were eight previous ASOSU VPs, the incumbent Vice President Metzin Rodriguez, and Vice President-elect, Dylan Perfect. Overall, there are 38 signatories of the letter, all either current or former members of ASOSU or former members of the university’s board of trustees. 

“We as past and current leaders on OSU’s campus will not stay quiet: it is clear that Alexander has breached the trust of the student body and the faculty union. If Alexander does not see the error in what he has done and resign, the Oregon State University Board of Trustees should terminate his contract and offer no severance or additional benefits,” the letter says. 

On March 17, there will be a meeting of the board of trustees that will last from 12:30 to 5 p.m. In that meeting, the findings of the Husch Blackwell report will be discussed. 

“From the Husch Blackwell report, and words of survivors of the sexual violence at LSU, it is clear that Alexander allowed a culture of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ in terms of addressing sexual violence. The OSU Board of Trustees risks further damaging their relationship with the OSU campus community if they do not act to remove Alexander from office.”

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